Does scalp micropigmentation look fake?


One of the most common questions we hear is: “Does scalp micropigmentation look fake?” We understand why people can be sceptical, as there are a lot of treatments out there that never deliver what they promise. However, we truly believe scalp micropigmentation is different and offers the perfect solution to your hair loss worries. We explain why below.

How does scalp micropigmentation work?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a natural hair loss treatment that can change your life. Our skilled technicians carefully apply natural pigments to your scalp in a phased process. It replicates the appearance of real hair follicles, restoring your hairline or hair density. There’s no surgery or pills so the treatment is completely safe to use.

Our technicians apply the pigments to your scalp using a microneedle. They add hundreds of tiny dots to the skin which will eventually look like real hair follicles on a shaved head.

We also use the treatment to cover up scars, burns, or birthmarks on the scalp. If you do not have bald spots, but thinning hair instead, the treatment can be applied to add shading to create extra density.

At Skalp we follow a simply 6-step process:

Does scalp micropigmentation look fake?

Even upon close inspection, scalp micropigmentation doesn’t look fake. But as we provide the service, you might think our opinion is biased.

Our customers are often amazed by the results, and we are proud to receive their glowing feedback. We have an amazing 4.9 rating on Trustpilot (not many companies can say the same). You can also check out some of the five-star customer reviews on our website.

The important thing to remember about the treatment is that choosing a quality company really makes the difference. A cheaper option can save you money, but it could cost you in many other ways.

It’s why we encourage anyone interested in SMP to visit our clinics and take a free tour. You get a better idea of the high-quality facilities and equipment we use. Our technicians are always happy to answer your question. They are also the perfect advert for the treatment, as they have all used it before.

Once you have finished your treatment you should also closely follow the aftercare programme. This includes not using any moisturiser on your scalp and avoiding shaving the area for a certain amount of time. We’ll give you all the advice you need to help you through this period.

Then you will see for yourself just how real scalp micropigmentation looks. And just how real its positive effects on your life will be.


Does SMP look fake?

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