Are we seeing more events specifically for bald people?

In a world where there is often a very narrow idea of what it means to be attractive, people often leave bald people out of the conversation.

Bald solidarity. Are we seeing more events specifically for bald people?

Bald fest

Even though hair loss affects millions of people in every country, baldness remains a dirty word in commercial spaces.

For example, in the United States, an estimated 50 million men have some form of hair loss condition. Yet, baldness is still the brunt of countless jokes, even though we are supposed to be living in more ‘enlightened’ times.

But there are signs that a long-awaited change could be underway.

Introducing the Bald Fest

On September 13th, New York will host its first-ever Bald Fest. It will showcase everything great about bald scalps.

The event is organised by Rami Even-Esh and starts immediately after the New York Fashion Weekends. Even Esh wants to poke fun at the overly serious and po-faced nature of the fashion week event, creating a more fun and relaxed atmosphere.

September 13th is also National Bald is Beautiful Day, which will be marked at Brooklyn’s Rubulad club that evening. You can buy tickets for $18, or you can get in for free if you turn up and have your head shaved by an on-site barber.

The festival offers the opportunity for anyone going bald to embrace their hair loss. Instead of living day-to-day under a hat, you can be proud without feeling bad about yourself.

Bald solidarity. Are we seeing more events specifically for bald people?

Around the world, there are an endless amount of festivals celebrating hair. And why not, as hair in all its forms is a beautiful thing.

At the same time, bald people should also feel they can be proud and open about their appearance. Especially when some of the leading names in fashion run stories that tell their readership how powerful it can feel to be bald.

Feel good about yourself

Bald Fest will bring all types of people together. It doesn’t matter if you are fully bald, losing hair, dealing with Alopecia, or just want to show solidarity. Having confidence in yourself is important and events like this will go a long way to helping people achieve that.

At Skalp we hope that this is the first of many similar events for bald people. Of course, everyone is welcome to attend – just as long as they are allies to the cause.

There are plenty of celebrities that are bald, although, they are mostly the exception to the rule. Away from the glitz and glamour, in the real world, people want to feel accepted for who they are. And Bald Fest could be the first of many events that cater just for people affected by baldness.

Being bald can be stylish too. If you think a shaved head look is pretty cool, or if you simply want to add density to your hairline, scalp micropigmentation could be for you.

According to the United States National Library of Medicine, an estimated 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States suffer some degree of hair loss.

Skalp is the leading provider of scalp micropigmentation treatment, with 6 clinics available around the world. It’s a non-surgical treatment that is safe and more affordable and longer-lasting than hair transplants.

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