Tiger Woods Hair Loss Battle


Sunday, May 14 was a day of redemption for Tiger Woods. After 11 years of not winning a major championship he lifted the Masters trophy supported by a raucous crowd. 

As has been well publicised by now, Tiger has had a lot of personal and professional issues to overcome in order to reach the top of the game once again. Since taking the world of golf by storm in 1997, Tiger has won 15 majors. This has made him the second most successful golf player of all-time behind Jack Nicklaus.

tiger woods hair loss 1997
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Tiger’s red polo shirt and black baseball cap have become his signature look ever since. But when the cap comes off it still shocks many people how much hair he has lost. It’s not something Tiger shies away from, as he joked after winning the masters: “You couldn’t have had more drama than we all had out there.” Woods said. “And now I know why I’m balding. This stuff is hard.”

Tiger Woods Hair Loss Journey

Woods’ receding hairline really started to hit the headlines back in 2015. It came at a time when he was going through a very public break-up with his ex-wife, Lindsay Vonn. The police charged him with driving under the influence and his form on the golf course took a dramatic dip.

There speculation that he has undergone a hair transplant to create a new hairline across the front of his scalp. But Tiger had previously spoken about his hair and how he felt about losing it: “I’m comfortable with it; my hairline’s not. I have a nice skylight at home, and if I don’t wear a hat, I can feel the heat.” Reporters asked if he will ever shave it off and he responded by saying, “I think I will, but I’m fighting the cause. I’m fighting it hard. It’s a no-win fight, but I’m hanging in there.”

As Tiger always wears a hat on the golf course it would be easy to keep his head from the spotlight. But over the years he has always felt comfortable enough to let the world see his receding hair. 

He is a sportsmen who has often been accused of being too cold due to his ruthlessness on the golf course. But while he has never been a man of many words, Tiger’s openness about his balding hair is refreshing. 

Most celebrities will either secretly undergo some sort of hair treatment, or choose to go completely bald. Tiger is one of the most famous sportsmen in the world. Which means tiger woods hair loss has also been very public. But he has never avoided answering questions about it or appeared to use any hair loss treatment at all.

Tiger Woods Hair Loss 2019

He could’ve had the very best specialised treatment in the world if he wanted. So it’s inspirational to see such a megastar embrace his baldness so confidently. It also serves as a reminder that despite all his talent and money, he is just as human as the rest of us. 

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