The top 5 vitamins for hair care and hair loss prevention


Is your hair loss due to a vitamin deficiency?

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Every time I look at the newspaper there is a new article telling me I am eating the wrong things and I need to change my diet immediately or my health will suffer. But the worst thing is each article seems to directly contradict the one I read previously! For instance, the Express growled today that no alcohol is good for you – yet weeks ago it was telling me a glass of red wine will keep my heart ticking!You begin to give up on reading any health articles at all. Here at Skalp, we attempt to keep up with the latest scientific research as far as hair loss is concerned. We have had articles on this blog before which advise the most useful vitamins and minerals to eat for the best hair care and as the best drive against hair loss.


For example, there are many symptoms associated with vitamin D deficiency, which include bone and back pain, muscle pain, depression, and hair loss. If you do recognize symptoms we would suggest looking at your diet and see if you are any areas where you could improve your vitamin intake.


Are you showing signs of vitamin D deficiency?


But there are a lot of useful vitamins out there and it can get a bit confusing as to which foods are best for which minerals. So we were intrigued when we spotted an article online this week on which focussed on the top 5 vitamins for good hair care.

So let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the vitamins you can add to your diet that are more likely going to make a change for the better:


  1. Selenium

Ok, so you are going to find selenium in brazil nuts, brown rice, fish, lean meats and grains such as oats and barley. So there should be something there in your cereals. The point is to get into the mind-set of always checking out the ingredients of everything you buy. Selenium will nourish both the skin and the body.

  1. Zinc

You are going to find zinc in nuts again (the fact is nuts are a bit of a superfood). As well as pecans, brazil nuts, and almonds it can also be found in oysters, turnips, and garlic. Keeping topped up with zinc will help strengthen follicles and slow hair loss.

  1. Iron

This is very simple: Iron deficiency can lead to thinning hair and luckily there are loads of foods out there that offer a fair old pack of the stuff. For instance, you can try nuts (yet again!) Swiss chard, liver, brown rice, and broccoli.

  1. Amino Acids

This is an interesting one. Hair is made up of Keratin which is made up of the amino acids cysteine, lysine, and methionine. Strangely, we do not make these amino acids ourselves so we need to get them from our diets. They are especially available in beans, beef, dairy products, fish garlic, and liver.

  1. Biotin

Biotin maintains the hair and contributes to the production of Keratin (see above). Nuts again are a great place to find biotins as well as soybeans and lentils.


Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Are you concerned about your hair loss? If you are at the early stages of male pattern baldness then maybe now is the time to look at your diet. Or see if you can make any lifestyle changes. We are always here to talk about the solution to your hair loss. Skalp offer a scalp tattoo or scalp micro pigmentation as it is more commonly known as.


A scalp tattoo can replicate the look of hair follicles to give the illusion  of a full head of shaved hair. Here are some examples of some of our clients.


Before and after smp


We are now open in New York and Los Angeles in the US, in the UK you will find us in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh. If you are in Europe our clinics are in Dublin, Marbella, Milan, and Amsterdam. Feel free to arrange a free consultation at any of our clinics so we can show you what we can do for your hair loss.


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