Add these foods to your New Year’s Resolution diet to stop hair loss!


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Ok, the last thing you want to think about with Xmas on the horizon is a brand new diet. We are sure you have far more interesting things to consider over the holiday period such as all those delicious mouth-watering foods you won’t go anywhere near any other time of the year. That’s not to mention the alcohol.

So once Xmas has safely been put back into the loft for another year it is time to consider those New Year Resolutions. And if you’re going to be watching your calories in 2016 (which is likely if you really went festive at Xmas!) then we can recommend a way to add a bit of spice to that diet, not do any damage and look after your hair at the same time.

You see the fact is, the kind of foods that are good for hair growth, hair care and scalp care are more or less the same ones that are likely to lose you a few inches next year. But there are a few super foods that really do more than most:

Yellow peppers

These guys are high in Vitamin C and so will go a long way in strengthening your hair and prevent breakages. They also produce the collagen necessary to keep hair follicles healthy.

Sweet Potatoes

This is a starchy food which has loads of beta-carotene on board. This in turn converts to Vitamin A which is a primary vitamin needed for hair care.

Dark leafy greens

Kale, Spinach, and Swiss chard are all high in Vitamins A and C, folate and beta carotene. These guys all help with the production of sebum which when naturally secreted by hair follicles helps to condition your hair.


Oats are high in iron, omega-6 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps to stimulate hair growth.


The healthy fats in avocado’s work to keep your scalp nicely hydrated.


No more itchy scalp (and probably good eyesight too!) as carrots are high in Vitamin A which boosts hair growth and can help get rid of that dry scalp.

Nuts and Seeds

Watch these if you are on a diet as they are not necessarily slimming, but they are high in biotin which is one of the most commonly prescribed supplements for boosting hair growth.


Rich in omega 3, Salmon works to keep your scalp healthy and hydrated. Vitamin D and Iron are both in there – great to combat thinning hair.

**source: The health and fitness cheat sheet

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