Hair Transplant TV advert banned as considered misleading


There is no doubt there are a lot of suspicious claims floating around the internet as far as hair loss is concerned. Sometimes the actual product is questionable and sometimes the way the information is presented gives a misleading idea as to what the product can achieve. This week the Daily Mail Online reported how a high profile hair transplant company had its TV advert banned because it was deemed to be far too misleading.

Hair transplants can be expensive at the best of times. Prices usually range between £3000 and £40,000. In the Zerring Hair Restoration advert which has since been pulled by the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency), the before and after video shows three men who suddenly acquire a full head of hair in about 4 months.

Complaints to the ASA

Complaints poured into ASA suggesting that the transformation was just a bit too good to be believed. The agency investigated and found that the men in the advert were not clients but actors. More than that, the men were not the same men in the before and after shots and the commentary was not taken from actual testimonials.

Overall ASA decided that the implications made by the Ad were not those that could be enjoyed by the average customer. This seems a great pity for the hair transplant industry as the company concerned has shown good results and this upset will only go to tar the company unnecessarily.

We tell it like it is

Here at Skalp® we find we do not have to make any inadvertent claims, come on with the aggressive hard sell, or elaborate on how successful our professional treatment is likely to be. Our services are completely client focussed, and our success stories are abundant. More than that, it is our clients, who actually want to tell the world how it has helped them with their hair loss issues through video feedback on our website – now you can’t get a lot more genuine than that!

We don’t pretend Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a cure for hair loss – it’s not. It is a treatment that allows you to get rid of the problems of hair loss, revisit your presentation and hairstyle and build confidence and self-esteem at the same time. We have seen so many of our clients pull them up by their bootstraps and begin a new life. (See our video testimonials)

In fact, in order to keep you safe and in control of the treatment at all times, we can even give you a pretty good idea as to what you will look like after the treatment. Just send a picture of yourself with a shaven head along to us and we will do the rest.

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