Lawsuit Against Hair Loss Ingredient Finasteride

A lawsuit has been launched in the US by the Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation against the FDA, seeking a complete ban on the Propecia drug made by Merck & Co. The group claim that the FDA has not taken the negative side effects of the drug seriously, leaving users at risk of harm.  

What’s the Problem with Propecia?

The active ingredient in the hair loss drug Propecia is Finasteride, and it is this ingredient that appears to be creating serious side effects for the people that are taking it. From sexual dysfunction to depression and even suicide in the most severe cases. 

The Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation claim that the FDA has ignored reports of these serious side effects and allowed the supply of it to consumers to be continued.

When Was the Problem with Propecia First Noted?

The serious side effects of Propecia were brought to light relatively quickly after the generic version was released in 2006. Six years after this release, Propecia’s owners, Merck & Co, changed the drug paperwork by adding warnings that it could cause depression and erectile dysfunction. 

This addition swiftly resulted in a number of lawsuits from users who had been negatively affected, but this bad press did not stop the sales of Propecia from continuing to grow, with nearly 2.5 million people using it by 2020. 

Who Are the Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation?

Even with the continued growth in popularity, more people have noted serious side effects when using the drug, resulting in the Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation being founded. Their mission is to support research about Finasteride and its effects, growing better understanding and support for people that have been affected. 

In 2017, the Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation took the step to petition the FA to remove Propecia from the drug market or, at the very least, add a black box warning that educated users on the suicidal side effects that could be brought on by taking it. 

Despite their petition garnering lots of interest, the FDA did nothing to change the warnings and did not remove the drug from use, an act that the PFSF claim is illegal and should now be enforced. 

What Does the Evidence Show?

The court documents that are attached to the case have now been seen and show that both the FDA and Merck & Co were aware of the reports of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts all the way back to 2011, even though the drug labelling has not been updated to reflect this. 

In addition, the evidence also points to the fact that both European and Canadian drug regulators require a warning on the drug packaging and advise that if a person becomes depressed when using Propecia, they should cease taking the treatment immediately as there is a significant risk that they could become suicidal. 

The PFSF state that this step by these drug regulators shows the risk and provides ample evidence that the FDA and Merck & Co have acted in an illegal way by putting millions of consumers’ lives at risk.

Where Next if Not Propecia?

Many people who look to Propecia as a potential solution for hair loss are now worried about what drugs they can safely use to improve their condition, and the answer is not easy. Many potential treatments are not always as good as they may seem and can cost a lot of cash to try. 

If baldness or thinning is not an option for you, then take the time to look up both invasive and non-invasive treatment options, as well as getting a trusted medical opinion too. That way, you can forge ahead with confidence and not worry about worrying about side effects.

It’s just another reason why scalp micropigmentation is the best hair loss solution available today. As you mature, so can the treatment, ensuring you always have a look you are happy and comfortable with. You can find answers to all of your scalp micropigmentation questions on our FAQ page here.

Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation

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