Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare


For 4 Days after each treatment you should

– Try to avoid excess sweating

– Avoid showering your head

– Do not shave your head

– Do not use moisturiser

– Avoid touching your head

For 21 days after each treatment you should

– Not going swimming

– Do not use a Sauna or Steam room

– Avoid exposing your scalp to sunlight

After 4 days have passed you can

– Shave your head with clippers, shaver or a razor

– Have a light shower on your head, using shampoo or shower gel

– Start using moisturiser on your scalp to keep it in good condition and to avoid it getting dry.

After 21 days have passed you can

– Go swimming

– Use saunas or steam rooms

– Expose your scalp to sunlight but we do recommend that you use a high SPF like factor 50 to protect your skin.


If you have any further questions about looking after your new look please don’t hesitate to get in touch