A Better Understanding of Scalp Psoriasis


A Better Understanding Of Scalp Psoriasis, Skin Irritation and Hair Loss

man with scalp psoriasis on neck


Psoriasis (PsO) is a common inflammatory skin disease. Psoriasis that is characterised by sore thick skin, a collection of fluid and remodelling of the lymphatic system. Up to 30% of PsO patients are affected by psoriatic arthritis, a devastating form of arthritis, which leads to disability and deterioration of quality of life


Psoriasis of the scalp is a common skin disorder that presents itself in the form of reddish, raised and quite often scaly patches. Someone with scalp psoriasis may end up with a single patch or they could have several. Some people may even get it on the back of the neck, the area behind the ears or the forehead.


It is good to keep in mind that you cannot catch scalp psoriasis from another person and there is no direct reason for a cause. Some dermatologists say that it comes on whenever there is an issue with the immune system that can cause the skin cells to grow in overdrive to the point where patches build up. If scalp psoriasis happens to run in your family, you will be more likely to develop it.


About 50% of all people with psoriasis have patches located on their scalp. There are times when the scalp might be the only place where psoriasis is present, however that is rather uncommon. This is a condition that could be almost unnoticeable and mild, while other patients will have a much more severe amount of it that will present in thickened, crusted sores. There can also be a lot of intense itching that can start to affect sleep as well as everyday lift. If the itching persists, there can be hair loss and skin infections on the scalp as well.


Treating Mild Scalp Psoriasis

Salicylic acid and tar products are very helpful when mild scalp psoriasis is present. You can usually find coal tar as well as non-coal tar medicated shampoos that are good for treating such scalp lesions.


There can also be steroid injections used when scalp lesions are present, however it is only done if there are a few areas as opposed to many. These injections are given only sparingly because the medication can be absorbed through the skin and into the system.


Treating Moderate To Severe Psoriasis

In the case of severe scalp psoriasis, it might be necessary to try out a number of treatment plans before you end up finding the one that works best. If there is excessive scaling or lymph nodes on your neck become enlarged, you could have a yeast infection. In this case you need to see your physician for treatment.


scalp psoriasis hair loss

Scalp Psoriasis And Hair Loss

There is no direct link showing that scalp psoriasis causes hair loss. However, many sufferers will be prone to picking the affected areas. Excessive picking can cause to areas of the scalp that will develop thinning hair.


There is also the idea that the condition is associated with stress, which does have a direct link to hair loss as well.


Unfortunately, we cannot treat clients with Scalp Psoriasis with Scalp Micropigmentation when the condition is during a flare up. This is because there is risk of making the condition worse. Therefore it is always best to contact your doctor and try to get the condition under control before undergoing a scalp micropigmentation treatment.


Living With Psoriasis

While there is no definitive cure, there are a number of treatments that help the symptoms as well as control flare ups. Not following a solid treatment plan will mean prolonged scalp psoriasis. There are helpful groups and websites available today that offer tips on treatments for the skin condition.


We offer our scalp micropigmentation service to people looking for an alternative to baldness and other treatments. We’d love you to get in contact with us and discuss your options if you’re interested in hair loss solutions.


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