Can Hair extensions lead to hair loss?


Hair extensionsCan Hair extensions lead to hair loss?


To offer our customers and clients the most up to date and successful service, our goal is to keep ahead of issues concerning hair loss and new treatments here at Skalp Micro Pigmentation. In recent articles, we have highlighted how various styles of wearing your hair (such as in braids) can lead to excess stress on hair follicles and lead to hair loss. For some time now, there has been growing concern over ever-popular hair extensions.


Usually, a fashion adopted by young girls, it seems now that there is clear evidence to suggest that hair extensions can lead to hair loss in later life. This must be a message that gets promoted as many women will be suffering in later life and be looking for wigs and various other hair treatments/replacements rather than transient extensions.


Hair extensions lead to partial baldness

Only this week, there was a report in the ABC News of a young girl of 22 in Houston who decided to have a weave-in cap in her hair to hold the extensions. Apparently, in Houston the traditional cost of a treatment would be $200, but she decided to go for a cheaper option at $60.

The first time she realized there was something desperately wrong was only a couple of weeks later when she noticed there was blood on her pillow. On trying to remove the extensions, she found her own hair began to come out too, and her scalp had been severely infected. The young girl in question is now partly bald.


Check out your practitioner’s qualifications

In this case, further investigation suggested that unsanitary utensils were used during the process. Experts, therefore, strongly advise not to go the cheap route when having extensions and to make sure the practitioner can show some form of certificate to verify they have the qualifications to carry out the procedure. Also, make sure you ask how the stylist ensures all utensils used are kept clean and sanitary.

Even if you go to a reputable hair extensionist, please bear in mind that scientists now know there is a secure connection between regular use of hair extensions and hair loss. The pull from hair extensions can lead to ‘alopecia traction’, which causes the hair to fall out as it has undergone increased tension eventually.


As well as patchy hair loss and permanent damage, there have also been stories of women who have reported blinding headaches. More and more neurologists are asking women to approach hair extensions with caution and seek out the full story before having the process done.

Stay safe!

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