Can hair loss be a warning sign for prostate cancer?


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We are lucky with the NHS here in the UK that if we want to get tested for some of the more serious illnesses, diseases and complaints there is not only a process for it but it will cost us nothing apart from the National contributions we make. Cancer continues to cause concern and for men, prostate cancer can be a great fear.

Thanks to advances in technology scientists are getting better at finding treatment and also diagnosing it early. If we can determine the early warning signs, then we can approach the specialists in order to catch it in its early stages and so reduce the chances of it becoming aggressive.

There has been talk for some time about a link between hair loss and prostate cancer. Is there really a link? Surveys and scientific experiments which have taken place clearly show that men with male pattern blading are more likely to suffer from cancer. Let’s get this clear: this does not mean (1) hair loss is a sign of cancer or  (2)if you are going bald you are also going to suffer from prostate cancer. If you are going bald this is a warning sign that the chances are you are more likely to suffer from it.

The scientists believe that the link is because of testosterone. Both conditions can be triggered by an abnormal production of testosterone. And this is an important point. There are many different reasons why baldness can become an issue. However, tests published in the Journal of Oncology show that hair loss clearly is related to cancer growth

40,000 men in the USA between the ages of 55 and 74 were surveyed and were asked if they had hair loss at the age of 45. A follow-up study took place 10 years later. It was found that 18% of the men remembered some form of hair loss at the age of 45. In the follow-up study it was found that 1,100 men developed prostate cancer – 600 cases were aggressive. Those men who remembered having male pattern baldness were 39% more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer than men who had no baldness.

However – they weren’t more likely to have less aggressive types of prostate cancer.

At the end of the day the message is quite simple whether you are balding or hairy. The technology is out there to check up on whether there is an onset of prostate cancer. Do you self a favour and get yourself checked out.

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