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Hair loss can be very insidious. Sometimes it is happening at quite an extreme rate but somehow we just don’t seem to notice. The changes in the mirror are so gradual, it is almost like a stealth attack – you do not realise there is a problem until it is too late.

Everyone around you has noticed your hair disappearing and now it’s getting a little too late to do anything…

The problem with coping with hair loss is two-fold. There are the direct issues raised from the condition itself and there is also the route you take for treatment. The problem with the latter is, many of the supposed treatments can cause as much social embarrassment as the condition itself. This leads to the whole subject of hair loss going “underground”. It tends to remain a secret between you, the mirror and your hairdresser.

Just because nobody is mentioning it doesn’t mean you are hiding it well. Hair loss is the “baby elephant in the room”. No one talks about it so you carry on doing nothing about it – continuing to delude yourself that there are no noticeable changes to your hairline.

Then you start to notice the odd eyeball flicks up to your hair while you chatting over a drink. Nothing at first – perhaps you have a hair out of place. But then it begins to happen all the time and the evidence from the mirror confirms your worst fears.

By now it is already getting on for too late. Any changes you want to make to your hairline are likely to register with those who have already noticed your receding hair and it is going to be far more difficult to start using a wig, a toupee, or put money into a hair transplant without causing a stir.

The baby elephant is out of the closet and needs to be dealt with before it grows too big and gets out of control…

Clearly, because of how hair loss affects us, you are not always aware of when the problem is triggered, but there are things you can do to keep it in focus, so you are ready for when problems start. You can watch out for tell-tale signs such as an abundance of hair in the plug-hole, hair on the pillow, on your comb or brush, or on the inside of your hat. Let that register and act on it. It’s not silly to visit the GP or your hairdresser with worries about hair loss. You could be saving yourself a lot of future heartache, money and keeping one of your most precious possessions.

Here at Skalp® we offer a very fashionable solution for hair loss sufferers – scalp micro pigmentation. This is a process where a tattoo is created on your shaven head to offer the look of someone who has a full head of hair but prefers to crop his hair. When we listen for feedback from clients they often tell us that friends and family have not noticed any great change because they have had the shaven head look for some time and because it blends in so well with how their hair looked before.

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