What is on the inside and outside of Donald Trump’s head remains a mystery


They say that all publicity is good publicity and if anyone is a master at publicity then it has to be Donald Trump. Every time he makes the headlines it is over some extreme statement that borders on racism, a ridiculous political stance, or alleged dodgy commercial dealings. Yet people in the US appear to be queuing up to vote for him. And if you take it back to the days when Donald Trump first came to public attention, the one thing that seemed to stick in everyone’s minds was his hair.

Surely a public figure wishes to present well whatever his coming out of his mouth? Over the last 40 years or so Donald has put up with a lot of bad press (good marketing?)  and pretty nasty insults about the state of the mass of what-ever-it-is on his head. Surely he would want to do something about it – just for an easy life?

This all brings into question what is on top of Donald’s head. And it is true that his hair is almost part of his brand. It symbolises the Trump empire like the golden “M” signifies MacDonald’s and the “Spirit of Ecstasy” ornament signifies rolls Royce. So maybe he wouldn’t want to get rid of it. But maybe he can’t. Just what is it?

Well we can get rid of a few of the usual suspects here.

Is it a comb over?

It does appear to zoom across his head in an odd direction. Sometimes it appears to go from left to right and sometimes it appears to go from front to back. However, there are recent pictures of him that shows what happens in a high wind. Underneath that big mop he definitely has hair at the front of his scalp. Therefore, there is no need for a comb over.

Is that a wig there?

No, again close-up photos clearly show that he has hair follicles at the front of his head. This is not a toupee or a wig.

Is this Flap surgery?

For some time, there have been suggestions that Donald Trump once had Flap surgery. This is a type of surgery which has now gone out of fashion and was only really used for a short period in the 1990’s.

The procedure involves finding a piece of the scalp with hair on and then cutting it on three sides to create a flap. This sliver of skin is then twisted, pulled and forced into a new position it to the hairline where the faulty follicles are. In this way it could leave the new hair growth going in every which way. So this could reflect Donald’s crop but the fact is his hair was like it in the 1970’s before anyone started doing the flap treatment.


A cowlick is a cluster of hair with follicles laying at the same steep angle, causing that hair to grow in a direction different from the surrounding hair. In the event of an aggressive cowlick, the longer the hair, the more the growth pattern can be controlled by the weight of the hair itself. This could account for why Donald’s hair is long and tends to be gelled down.

We are going to go with cowlick here though it still doesn’t de-mystify the mysterious charisma of this guy. All we would say is, the US is listening now Donald, please do something about your hair.

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