Is hair loss affecting your self-esteem?



Is hair loss affecting your self-esteem?


Most guys will probably think this is a silly question and laugh it off – perhaps a little but nervously. Even though male presentation in western culture is becoming essentially important to how men put themselves forward on a business as well as a social level, men are still fundamentally wired to pass off the notion that we really care about our thinning locks as inconsequential. Well, that is what they say…

The fact is hair loss does have a profound effect on how men view their place within society. It just happens to be there staring them in the mirror every time they prepare to present themselves to the world. Instead of thinking “How shall I have my hair today to keep in fashion?” it’s more of a case of “How do I have my hair so it does not look as if I am losing my hair, looking old and inadequate.”

Inadequate – that’s a bit strong isn’t it? Maybe, but deep down inside we are brainwashed by media messages to believe that a full head of hair is linked with manliness and sexiness, youth and vibrancy. So it doesn’t take long for the ego to take a nose-dive when you first start seeing signs of the old pate shining through.

Loss is gradual and always present

Because hair loss happens over a long period of time (usually) that blow to the male pride is insipid rather than a sudden revelation so men tend to carry around the loss sub-consciously. It is a feeling that they are not keeping up with their peers, are not attractive anymore and they are aging faster than they feel inside.

The result is men begin to limit their normal activities in social and their working life. Men may stop putting themselves forward for activities at work, they may shy away from building positive relationships; dating may become a definite no-no and it can ultimately affect their sex life as well. The sad thing is, because it remains hidden away and because it happens slowly over a long period of time, the reason for the loss in self- esteem is rarely linked to the receding hairline.

Bolstering the ego

The good news is there are many ways to halt hair loss but you have to accept it is happening. Such techniques as a change in your diet, adding useful vitamins can be very useful. There are drugs on the market but be very wary of side effects. Some drugs are known to have secondary effects in the sexual arena. Hair transplants can be effective but they are also unpredictable and can be very expensive.

One great change in fashion globally is to see the man with hair cut down to a bald pate. This is also seen as manly and sexy. With the new technique of Micro Pigmentation you can create the look of a man with a full head of hair who has cropped it down to the follicles. It looks cool, fashionable and could go a long way in putting back your self-esteem.

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