Disturbing side effects from hair loss drug


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Disturbing side effects from hair-loss drug

It is great news in this day and age that there are increasingly more and more ways to deal with an ever-receding hairline. The male bald head has become as attractive and sexy as a luscious head of hair but the loss of hair and the stages of loss can be a knock to self-confidence and leave men wondering whether to get rid of it all or try to use the myriad of treatments to replace it. Clearly Skalp Micro Pigmentation is a great way to instantly take that leap of faith, rid yourself of that embarrassing balding look and proudly show off your new cool hairline.

Issues with taking drugs to halt hair loss

The other option is to halt the loss. In order to keep their hair men have tried various options such as hair transplants which, as celebrity news consistently reminds us, can be gloriously successful or a total failure.  But it is the use of drugs that is causing concern. Drugs have been available on the market for some years to combat hair loss and used widely across the globe but there have recently been quite frightening warnings about side effects for men who may use a drug called Propecia.

Propecia, also known as finasteride is used by men to deal with male pattern baldness. Now it is clear there are side effects to the drug which has triggered many law-suits and claims. Since its approval in 1997, the manufacturers of the drug have been aware of its side effects.  These are sexually orientated and include a reduced desire for sex, erectile dysfunction and a decrease in the amount of semen produced.

Side effects continue after drug usage

However the issue now is there are complaints that the symptoms do not go away once the patient refrains from taking the drug. Now, as well as the above symptoms, men are reporting depression and suicidal thoughts as well as an alleged reduction in the size of penis or testicles after medication has ceased.

Dr. Andrew Rynne, former head of the Irish Family Planning Association said on a Propecia help site that even men who have only used the drug for a few months maybe setting themselves up for a lifetime of Sexual Anhedonia (a condition where the individual cannot take pleasure from sexual orgasm).

Attempts to get the drug banned

Activities to get the drug banned have been well documented on American News programmes and now the issues are coming to a head in both Ireland and the UK. Medical literature (specifically “The Journal of Sexual medicine”) has investigated Propecia and found that most of the side effects complained about after use has ended, are evidenced.  Sarah Temori from Change.org has started a petition to get it taken off the market.


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