Does hair loss depend on where you live (Don’t mention Dubai!)


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We have covered many hair loss topics on our blog here at Skalp. In order to assist our loyal customers and clients in the best possible way we want to get to the root (pardon the pun!) of the problem of the mysterious disappearance of our treasured locks. So we often discuss current theories that may be causing the problem such as stress, lifestyle, lack of suitable nutrients, how an individual’s hair is actually worn and hereditary issues.

But we have to say we were a bit knocked off our feet when it was suggested in a news article this week on the internet that it could in fact have something to do with the environment – it could be about where you live.

The article in question that caught my eye was in Arabian I shall summarise the main points here and you can decide for yourself whether there could possibly be any strength in the theory but it does look form the little study that took place that there is an element of truth here. However the only location so far that is shouting out that there is a problem is Dubai (not good for tourism guys).

Sudden hair loss

Salma Awwad, the author of the article by actually stating that many people have complained of increased hair loss after moving to Dubai. Apparently it is not an unknown phenomenon. Salma had moved from New York where he had no hair loss problems but shortly after arriving in Dubai he saw that he had gained a problem as well as a hugely sunny place to live.

For over two years he tried ointments and supplements and then he decided he needed to see an expert. Lars Skjoth, the founder of the Harklinikken group of clinics, a series of hair restoration specialised facilities confirmed what he had feared all along. There was a huge hair loss problem in Dubai. Strangely over 70% of his patients are women and as many as 15% are under 21.

Call in the experts

Lars found that he cases he was seeing in Dubai were much more severe than he had seen anywhere else. He said: “I figured that there were some things in the region that make you more prone to hair loss. There are a lot of things going on in the region that are naturally related to the environment. One thing is the desalinated water, but also the nutritional quality. The crop that is being produced here is different because it grows in red sand and heavily exposed to fertilisers, pesticides and many other things. There are a lot of aspects here that have influences on the nutritional levels and the hormone system.”

So this really brings us back to the element of nutrition and hormone levels which we have discussed before on the blog. It also makes sense that if a region is particularly short of food stuffs for the mass population then the people are going to be suffering in more ways than just hair loss.

A sobering thought. But it is good to know day by day as we get closer to the causes we also find new solutions.

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