Hair product investigated by the FDA in America following complaints of hair loss


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Hair product investigated by the FDA in America following complaints of hair loss

We often take hair products for granted. They have been an essential part of fashionable styling and hair and scalp health since rockers started greasing back their hair in the fifties. Skalp® has recently put up many articles on how the appropriate use of hair products can also benefit hair health.

However, recently there were reports in the news that a highly popular cleansing conditioner is being investigated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US after numerous complaints that it causes hair loss. Many professionals have emphasised how rare this type of issue is and that usually, in all cases a hair product will be tested scientifically for safety before it is allowed to be sold on the market.

Concerns over “Wen” by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner precipitated a lawsuit last year and complaints which suggest hair loss, hair breakage, balding, itching and rashes appear to be increasing. Since early July, the FDA have received 127 complaints and has led to the facilitation of investigations into the product.

The Investigations, which are in their early stages, are also taking into consideration that ingredients of the hair care product could be causing allergic reactions in some consumers and that this has led to complaints. Even some “all-natural” shampoos may cause allergic reactions. The investigations will also take into account the fact that some consumers may suffer from hair conditions (for instance alopecia areata). It will also be important for the investigators to determine how many of the complaints are a result of the “herd effect”. This happens when a complaint about a product can cause a chain effect – and those following in the chain are assuming that the product is causing the issue. The lawsuit itself may have triggered a herd effect.

Investigations will be made into the manufacturing and distribution sites at Wen, and there will also be thorough analysis of safety data available. The FDA have also made inroads into encouraging medical practitioners to consult with their patients if they have had issues.

You can report an adverse reaction online or by phone:



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