Hair Transplant? Have they, haven’t they?

Who has been under the knife? Can you tell?

The wonderful thing about our Hollywood and TV celebrities is they almost have that godlike capacity of remaining ever young. They seem to defy the ravages of time and disappearing beauty and hairline which we mere mortals battle against on a daily basis only armed with a tube of moisturiser a diet sheet and a ragged pair of running shoes.

But then we like to view our favourite celebs through rose tinted glasses anyway don’t we? Deep down inside we want to believe the illusion. We want to believe that special light on the silver screen that we secretly respect (and yes girls…ok…fancy) also has something to aspire to.

But what magic dust are they making their balding pate grow back? Is it something their agent is sprinkling in their orange juice to keep them at least head and shoulders above the D list stars?


Rob byronrobbrydon2014gettyimages

The stars who shout about it!

Well, it’s probably something we will never know for certain and a fact no-one’s going to admit to too easily. But many of our national treasures are quite open about their new head warmers and make little attempt to hide the fact they are wearing toupees. Bruce Forsythe and Terry Wogan have batted off merry remarks about their toupees for many a year As comedians it probably comes quite easy to play it down. Recently the papers comically followed the growth of Wayne Rooney’s new thatch. Did it play an active part in our appalling show at the world cup this year we ask ourselves?


John Travolta2003fame picturesJohntravolta2014Associatedpress


Our Elton is another case in point who throughout his career has not hidden the fact that he was trying for a hair transplant (no-not a baby – that was later) and it failed. He then started wearing his toupees which in a way have become his trademark. Elton in a way has almost helped to make toupees and wigs acceptable. (Does he own toupees inc.?)

The maybe majority

But most of our everyday stars leave us shaking our heads and quietly murmuring “Have they, haven’t they?” What are we witnessing – hair transplant, wig, toupee, time travel?

Take a look at some of these well-known stars and decide yourself. How many of these stars are secretly benefiting from a hair transplant:



Jamesnesbitt2005pressassociationjamesnesbitt2014getty images


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