Keeping a Bald Head in Tip Top Condition


l-immagine-di-una-ragazza-che-taglia-i-suoi-capelli-16133148For many reasons children, women and men either shave their hair or go through a hair loss experience for one reason or the other. Some even shave their heads to raise awareness about cancer. In case your bald head will be so for many months or years to come, there’re a number of things you need to know to keep it in the best condition ever.

Conditioner and shampoo are still vital

Your hairline might be receding way too fast but as tiny as those hairs might be, don’t deny them some love. Dirt and oils sometimes build up fast on a bald head and using some shampoo dab after taking a bath and following it up with some quality moisturising conditioner ensures the head is free off dandruff. Remember body wash and soap might look like the way to go but be ready for a rugged drying effect. You might want to stick with those items made specifically for the hair.

The and sun and your scalp

Almost every barber and hair specialist will tell you shielding the scalp from the onslaught of the sun rays is a great idea. A bald and burned head has never been fun. One of the benefits of having hair on your head is ensuring the head is not just protected but warm as well. Now as the natural insulation keeps receding, you might want to mind the sun a little bit more than normal. On cold days the bald also needs some covering and if you have to go out in the sun, think of a hat or sunscreen.

Remain moisturised and hydrated

During dry winter days or if the bald head is exposed to a little bit of sunlight, the scalp could end up rough and very dry. Drink as much water as you can and for your head, use a moisturiser that’s sensitive to the skin.

Ever tried some scalp massage?

You might have heard people saying a rubbed bald head is a source of good tidings. While that is neither here nor there, any hair specialist knows a stimulated scalp allows blood to flow efficiently encouraging healthy growth of hair. Scalp massages are some of the most rejuvenating you probably have never had. The scalp has a lot of nerves and very soft to touch. You can apply some pressure on your head using your ten fingers as you move the fingers around starting from the forehead towards the crown and right on your neck. Doing so on your own is not hard but if you can have someone else do it for you the feeling will be heavenly.

In a nutshell, keep off the sun if your head is bald otherwise your scalp will suffer the full force of the ultra violet rays. If you have to be shaved ensure that razor burns are prevented including in-growing hairs.

Above all, if you would like a unique bald head due to a condition that is thinning your hair or to avoid going bald in patches, try out the Micro pigmentation method that’ll help you defy the problems of hair loss and thinning hair.

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