Meet The Team

The Skalp® Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioners

The Most Highly Skilled Hands in the Business

Only the top 5% of the Practitioners in the World Qualify to work at Skalp

The other 95% of them are not up to the Skalp® standard


Your result is of paramount importance to us. Here at Skalp you can be totally confident you are in good hands, all of our expert Scalp Micropigmentation practitioners are exhaustively trained and continually mentored by our in-house training team. They truly are top of their game – all creative types, including graphic designers, sculptors and sketch artists – we look for an obsessional attention to detail and perfectionism in all our staff.


They know how much this procedure means to you and will ensure you are delighted with the result. After all, our reputation walks out the door with you. With Skalp you will have the same practitioner from consultation right through the treatments. We believe that continuity is key to providing you with the customer service and results you deserve.


We are also the only clinic in the World where every single one of the practitioners have had the treatment done themselves, so they can relate to every clients hair loss worries.


Below are some of the Skalp® practitioners performing treatments


Best Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioners


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