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Real reviews from clients that have had their lives changed by Skalp® and no longer have to worry about hair loss after having Scalp Micropigmentation.


Our reviews from clients emphasise the professional treatment and care that you receive when choosing Skalp®. Our results are described as “life changing”, our team as “fantastic” and the procedure as “comfortable and relaxed throughout”.


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James Clayton

Finished my treatment last month, the results turned out better than I could of hoped for, great service and customer care, Thank you so much, I highly recommend Skalp!!!

Alan Jacobs

There's not much to say other than this was simply life changing. This is the place to go if you want this procedure. Not one person has been able to detect that I had the treatment. Thank you again!!!!!!!!

Ali Singh

Im so happy with the results, and so is my wife! She came with me for a consultation and was sceptical but she freakin loves it! Take my advice and go for a consultation and i guarantee you will be so impressed!



Tristan Temple

Skalp have changed my life for the better in so many ways. I am so happy with the results. The whole team are fantastic who have great experience, knowledge and understanding to your personal situation. I have so many good things to say about my treatment with SKALP. I just wish I had done it sooner!!

Steven Miners

The results were way beyond my wildest dreams, I am a very very happy customer. The clinician was excellent and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Mitch Bryan

Had the pleasure of being treated here for micro pigmentation treatment. Felt very comfortable and relaxed throughout and the practitioners are top lads! The clinic is very clean, spacious and private. My treatment looks better than i could have imagined. Im a new man. I couldn't be more happy with my results, the staff, and overall experience here- Would recommend to anyone considering SMP treatment for hairloss! 

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Stephen Doorman

Amazing Company, has really changed my life, No more hats!!! I would not trust my head with anyone else, Thank you Skalp 

Matt Lester

So glad I went to Skalp, me and my wife love the results, highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering with hair loss, you won't be disappointed. Thank you!!!

Steve Osbourne

Skalp exceeded my expectations in every way, better than I could of imagined, crazy feeling having my hairline back after all these years, If you're thinking about having it done, stop thinking and do it, you will love it.



Mark Meridious

Having my procedure done with Skalp has literally changed my entire life and I would be happy to recommend their services to anyone. I've got a review on the website and facebook page where you can hear more about why Skalp are so good!!

William Johnston

Great service at the Edinburgh clinic and I'm completely happy with the results.

Geoff Ball

I have just finished the 3rd treatment and can honestly say it is amazing. I have worn a hat since I was 21 when I lost my hair. I no longer wear hats, and after such a long time I now have my confidence back. Thank you Skalp for changing my life.

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Michael - 35

Received Skalp® treatment in January 2017

for male pattern baldness

"The day after the treatment, I woke up and looked in the mirror and what was looking back at me was a 10-year younger version of myself."

"You've given me my confidence back! Feel like a new man! People don't understand how much hair loss can affect men...soul destroying. It's the best decision I ever made! Wish I'd done it years ago."

Darrell - 47

Received Skalp® treatment in March 2017

for androgenetic hair loss.

"I was wearing hats every day for about 10 years. This treatment makes me feel like I'm a different person. Like I am myself again."

"If you suffer from hair loss I would recommend you contact Skalp today. It will help you make up your mind... and change your life."

Joey - 24

Received Skalp® treatment in August 2016

for alopecia areata

"I've not been this happy about myself for a very long time. I look and feel younger and I receive positive comments on a daily basis."

"I’m confident and happy and I have the team at Skalp to thank for changing how I feel about myself and my life."

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