Scalp Micropigmentation Regrets


Scalp Micropigmentation regrets – Yousef Erakat

If you’ve been considering getting scalp micropigmentation and doing research into its pros and cons; chances are you will have heard about this famous Youtuber’s recent SMP fail.


Yousef Erakat (aka Fousey on KATZ Youtube channel) is an American Youtube personality, blogger and comedian who recently posted this scalp micro pigmentation regrets video: “I got a hair tattoo and I regret it”.


In the video, he reveals his shockingly bad SMP results and goes into detail of his recent touch-up horror. Having already had SMP before, he rushed into booking a touch-up to darken the treatment. In the video, Yousef does not name the clinic who did this to his head, but he does say “I made that appointment for the following week- I didn’t do any research on her, I didn’t check any reviews on her, I didn’t think about it “.  His main regret is not taking the time to research the artist/ practitioner before booking the appointment.


He goes on to say “it looked like somebody just painted on my head,  this happened because she’s not a trained professional at SMP, she used tattoo ink and she used a tattoo needle, which means the dots are much larger”.


Video credit: Yousef Erakat @KATZ

Beware of poor imitations

Unfortunately, the success of a genuine product or service will always attract poor imitations. Think of any unique brand and a quick search online will reveal low-quality copies. Before purchasing the tell-tale sign is usually how cheap they are being sold for. When a deal seems too good to be true – with SMP , this is usually spot-on.


Since we began providing scalp micropigmentation we have also noticed a similar trend. At Skalp we pride ourselves on providing the very best service possible. Trust and honesty are of vital importance when dealing with people’s appearances.


bad smp results from unexperienced clinics are biggest smp regrets

Untrained professionals

For all the new customers who come to our hair clinics looking for treatment, we provide almost as many corrective treatments. With new technology available and cheaper to buy, new clinics have been opening by the dozen. Many offer micropigmentation at rock bottom prices and the results are often disastrous. Many of these clinics also offer training but often not for the reasons they say.


The reality is that these training programmes offer a stream of revenue for the clinics. Because of their poor reputation, their client bookings are few and far between. They do not want to share their knowledge to improve industry standards or accessibility. These clinics motivation is money, and their poor practices are then passed on to even more people.


While these clinics have access to cheaper technology, more often than not it is the wrong kind. As Yourself mentions from his own experience,  when standard tattoo equipment and ink are used they produce horrific results.  Micropigmentation equipment has more of a medical aesthetic.  Scalp micropigmentation treatment equipment uses needles that are much smaller, and pigment which is designed for SMP only.


shocking bad smp results from other clinics

The examples above show horrific results from companies or persons who are NOT trained in scalp micro pigmentation.


Scalp Micropigmentation is a skill all of its own

The expertise required to apply hair tattoos cannot be understated. It takes months to reach the required standard, and even that only covers the very basics. The 5-day courses offered by cheap clinics will never cover the detail that professional practitioners can produce. It’s impossible to cover in such a short space of time. Learning the colour matching, density, hairline shape and style/scar camouflage is some of what’s involved. We’ve seen tattooists and make-up specialists all fail to meet the required standard. They all admit the work is at a level beyond their own expertise.


The video below from Skalp clinic show’s how scalp micro pigmentation should look.



This is why we invest heavily in training our practitioners, compared to other clinics ours is over 10 times longer in most cases. Not only that, but they have all received the treatment too. This means they understand how important it is to get the treatment 100% right every time. Understanding the treatment process from the eyes of a client, our practitioner’s priority is to meet your expectations of treatment results. We’re not only in the business of making money. We care about our customers and genuinely want them to leave our clinic feeling amazing. Check out our amazing smp reviews from our real clients .

How to avoid Scalp Micropigmentation regrets

Our advice would be to not rush into any scalp micro pigmentation treatment. Take your time, do your research and know exactly what you want. Our forum is a great place to get advice from other clients going through the same decision process.


To get a professional micropigmentation treatment, pop into one of our hair clinics for a free, no-obligation consultation.  One of our experienced practitioners can talk you through the treatment, answer any and all of your questions, and together design your personal treatment plan.


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