Tony’s Story with Skalp


tony skalp transformation story as featured on best fit tv

Tony’s Story with SMP- As Featured on BESTFIT TV.

There’s nothing like someone else’s experience to help us recognise our own struggles and Tony is a bit of a poster boy for that.  He first noticed he was losing hair when he was about 23 years old, and even then it took someone else to tell him.  He hadn’t noticed!   Then like a lot of us he chose to ignore it and tried to hide it with inventive styling.


As years rolled by and Tony’s thatch continued to thin he was aware of hair transplants but had not really studied the subject.  He assumed it was for pop stars and mega rich footie players (you know who you are Wayne Rooney).  Self-pity began to set in, how come his mates were still blessed with full heads of hair?  Yes it was the inevitable ‘why me’ moment.


Then things started to get darker. Tony would get into really black moods and even found himself sitting in front of the mirror crying and even pulling what little hair he did have, out.  Far from the carefree life he wanted to lead Tony had to think about the weather and what it would do to his carefully styled hair or how it would look plastered to his head when he worked up a sweat at the gym.  He ended up living in caps.  Even in the fiercest heat, Tony would be there in a cap or bandana; he would even swim in one!  He felt trapped.


Finally his partner gently tackled Tony about his self-consciousness and said that they really needed to do something about it. The first thing they looked at was a hair transplant.  Tony’s fears were correct, it was a crazy amount of money around £15,000.   That was totally unaffordable and drove Tony deeper into depression.  Emotionally shut down Tony started on Propecia tablets that were supposed to prevent any further hair loss and even encourage re-growth. On the tablets for just under 2 months the only change Tony noticed was that his mood was lower than ever, and his sex drive had dipped. He started searching for other forms of treatment and SMP popped up.  SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) is a method of placing pigment into the dermal layer of the scalp’s skin, which then imitates hair follicles.


Tony was excited.  He didn’t really understand how it worked or how it appeared to look so real. He booked an appointment in Harley Street.


Then, out of nowhere, the day before his appointment, SKALP popped up on his social media. Tony went onto YouTube and watched every single SKALP video.  The end results were impressive and Tony felt a stirring of excitement. He called to say he would be in Harley Street the next day, and to his delight was offered an appointment before his SMP booking.


Tony was impressed from the first contact with SKALP.  It was like talking to a friend and then he met one of the staff who had already had the procedure.  Tony could not believe it.  As he touched the hair, and inspected it he genuinely could not tell that this head had not always been a full head of hair!   He cancelled his other appointment, and when SKALP sent him a photo image of his head with a cropped hairstyle to give a rough idea what he would look like Tony was convinced! THIS WAS FOR HIM!


The day of the procedure soon came around. When he arrived Tony immediately felt at ease He sat in the chair and as they began shaving his head, he felt relieved – it was as though the stress was being shaved away with his hair. Over the 3 sessions he saw his new hairline take shape and his confidence return. Tony loved it. It was minimal maintenance and now there is no messing around before going out, the old Tony was back!


Tony wanted to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone how SKALP had changed his life.  There are no more hats for Tony – unless it’s cold!

And Tony’s story message?  Well it’s obvious really.  Don’t suffer in silence; don’t let hair loss kill your self esteem and confidence, do something about it before it crushes you.


You can watch the video version of Tony’s story on our youtube channel here: 

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