Top Hair Transplant Alternatives 2017


Top Hair Transplant Alternatives 2017


If you’re experiencing a high level of hair loss or thinning and want to remedy the issue, you’ve come to the right place.


Perhaps you’re unhappy with changes in the appearance of your hair but uncertain whether a hair transplant is the right choice for you. With such a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical options available, it’s important to consider the alternatives and research your options before making your final decision.


With approximately 40% of men seeing signs of baldness or thinning by the age of 35, doing your research on hair transplant alternatives may prove extremely valuable. This means that if or when the time comes for a hair transplant or alternative hair replacement solution, you’ll be fully armed with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on the best treatment for you. So, let’s take a look at your options…


Scalp Micropigmentation


Many patients would rather avoid the potential risks and longer downtime required when taking the surgical route. While FUE is a sophisticated hair transplant technique, it can lead to complications with a higher risk of scarring. Patients will also need to have their donor area shaved, unless they choose the Unshaven FUE route which can prove costly.


To this end, the best and most effective hair transplant alternative is scalp micropigmentation. This is a non-surgical procedure that is extremely cost-effective and offers guaranteed results.


hair transplant alternatives 2017


Our practitioners will usually require a minimum of three treatment sessions over the course of two or three months. We use one or more pigment shades to blend into your natural hairline for a smoother appearance, increased density and fuller coverage. This is achieved through visual replication of your current hair follicles. It’s a super easy and highly effective way to give the illusion of a full head of hair.


Results are instantly visible to the naked eye along the hairline, although pigments will soften over several weeks for an entirely natural finish. The results will look and feel the same as your natural hair, without any need for surgical procedures. Our clients are always astonished that even they have trouble distinguishing their original hairline in the mirror.


Non-Surgical Hair Transplant Alternatives


Any pain that you experience during the process will be minimal, which is another great benefit of scalp micro-pigmentation. While we may recommend touch ups every three to six years, the overall effects can last a lifetime if you avoid damaging factors such as exposure to harsh sunlight.


Unlike surgical hair transplants – which are not always totally successful – scalp micropigmentation has a 100% success rate and will leave absolutely no scarring.


Budgeting for a hair transplant is a major concern for many patients who believe that they must make a hefty financial investment into surgical treatment. With stress only serving to exacerbate hair loss, a major financial strain will only make things worse.


While surgical options can be very expensive, scalp micropigmentation is quite the opposite. At Skalp, we don’t believe that you need to be a millionaire in order to regain your confidence and improve your appearance with a fuller head of hair. That’s why all our treatments are extremely competitively priced and offer lasting results creating the very best value for money.


Vitamins for Hair Growth


If you’re considering hair transplant alternatives, another option is taking vitamins for hair growth. The most popular sources include fish oil, vitamins D, B and E which are believed to naturally thicken hair and make it stronger.


Vitamin D is also believed to “create new follicles” by waking up dormant follicles to stimulate hair growth. However, there is no guarantee that these follicles will produce hair and scant evidence that taking vitamins will actually bring hair back.


Following a healthy, balanced diet with a good amount of fruit and vegetables and a high level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients are the best way to maintain strong, healthy hair. Taking vitamins to stimulate hair growth is not the most reliable choice as there is a very little guarantee that this will work.


Medical Hair Replacement Solutions


Another hair transplant alternative that has garnered many headlines is Rogaine. Otherwise known by the name Minoxidil, this medical hair replacement solution can be used by both men and women to treat pattern baldness.


The negative is that it can take up to four months for new hair to grow and many people will not see any new hair grow at all. If hair does grow, it may initially appear extremely fine and soft with many more months of medication required before it begins to equate in colour and thickness to your natural hair.


Taking medication over a long period of time is not ideal in any circumstances. Regarding Minoxidil, this treatment is not suitable for everyone and can have some unpleasant side effects. Although most side effects are rare, they can be very unpleasant including itching, redness, change in hair colour or even hair loss.


Another key downside to taking Rogaine is that symptoms frequently return shortly after you stop taking the medication. This necessitates a lifetime of regular medication which is completely nonsensical when there are other hair transplant alternatives, such as scalp micropigmentation, that are far more user-friendly and long-lasting.


Hair Replacement for Everyone


Our team at Skalp are highly experienced in non-surgical hair transplant procedures with an impressive track record. We would be more than happy to welcome you to the clinic and answer any questions you have with a no-strings initial consultation.


It’s important that you feel safe and comfortable with any treatment that you choose, and our practitioners will be able to assuage any concerns and clear up any confusion. We can also assess your hair loss to make practical and cost-effective recommendations for treatment. So, give us a call or come on down to your nearest clinic for coffee and a chat. We look forward to seeing you!

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