Warning! Suave Shampoo Causes Hair loss


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We hear a lot of promises made about shampoo, how it will make our hair will look extra shiny, full of life and will make us feel like we’ve just walked out of a hair salon. Most of us will know aren’t strictly true but we trust in our shampoos to clean and protect our hair at the very least.


What we don’t expect is to use a shampoo that might lead to hair loss. These are the accusations currently flowing across the internet about Suave shampoo. Multiple users of the product are complaining of burning skin and loss of hair after using it for some time. Online customer complaint forums feature a stream of bad reviews. Many of which state clumps of hair have fallen out or their hair is starting to thin.


The Same Old Suave Shampoo Hair Loss Story

Yet, these complaints are nothing new for Suave shampoo, a brand owned by Unilever, one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world. People may not be shocked to hear that the company faced a class action lawsuit 5 years ago related to these claims. The Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30-Day Smoothing Kit was the product in question. It claimed to contain keratin, a natural protein that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.


Hundreds of women alleged they experienced a long list of problems. This included bald spots, burned scalps and broken and discoloured hair. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration stated that Unilever had to recall 380,000 units of the product. Further claims stated the product contained a secret ingredient that released formaldehyde – a potential cause of cancer. This was an allegation denied by Unilever.


The end result was a $10 million settlement in favour of the claimants. Unilever naturally appealed but finally lost the case. Yet the claims have continued in the years since the company lost the lawsuit. One look at a few resources online show levels of customer satisfaction are still extremely low. Even a hair salon in California recently posted on Facebook against Suave products. Once again, claims were made that formaldehyde featured in the ingredients.


A Lesson Learned?

Unilever has remained quiet on the subject over the past few years. However, they have taken note of the complaints and tried a different approach. Although, not the positive sort you’d hope for. Rather than improve the ingredients they simply changed the packaging. Suave became “evaus” (Suave backwards), a ‘luxury’ product marketed towards millennials. The name may be different but the ingredients are exactly the same. Hardly seems like a lessoned learned, does it?


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