5 ways to prevent hair loss NOW!


new way, old way 2804You don’t have to wait until you see those dreaded hairs accumulating around the plughole or locks on your pillow before you take action against thinning hair. Hair loss is not restricted to men or to middle age – it can strike as early as teenage years when it can perhaps have the most detrimental effect on your life. If you want to prevent hair loss then you need to be proactive – work at it all the time and most of all start now!

  1. Do something about that dandruff

At the heart of every anti hair loss campaign is the necessity to keep your scalp healthy. This is where your hair follicles will either be robust and grow, or struggle to thrive and die. Recently scientists’ reports have shown that there is a particular link between dandruff and hair loss. So it’s time to do something about those snowflakes on your shoulders. Ensure you invest in a respected dandruff shampoo and follow brand instructions closely on how it should be used.

  1. Nothing like a shot of coffee

We all know there is nothing like an espresso to get you going first thing on a Monday morning but in fact it can also go a long way in stopping your hair falling out by Friday. According to recent scientific evidence caffeine actually blocks DHT (a by-product of the hormone testosterone produced naturally by the body) which damages hair follicles.

  1. Stay slim – stay hairy

For those of you out there who are diet conscious and watching your weight you are probably already streamlining your food intake to take on those vitamins which are likely to be great for hair growth. Check out food labels to determine quantities of biotin, vitamin B, vitamin C, omega 3, and of course protein. Scientists have also found that too much fatty food can be a bit of a no-no too, so you could be in a win-win situation here if you are weight watching.

  1. Stress can cause hair loss

It is now known that stress can cause hair loss – which makes sense if all your energies are tied up keeping you standing up and calm, your body will cut corners on other areas such as hair growth. We all have our own levels of stress tolerance and some of us are naturally better at coping than others. Also if you are in a stressful situation for too long your body can start regarding that as the norm.

So it is often a good idea to stand back from your life and assess where you are. Focus on those things which cause stress and take action to make changes.

  1. Don’t smoke in the sun!

Well, that is to say that there are two factors here that contribute to hair loss: smoking and exposing your head to the sun too much. The fact that smoking can be damaging to your hair is a new one for all of us, but with all the more deadly baggage cigarettes comes with; this really needs no further explanation. The sun can damage your scalp and future hair growth – especially when your hair is thinning and your pate is more exposed. Don’t forget the sun tan lotion, wear a hat wear possible or look out for that cool shady nook.

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