Baldness Myths Debunked


 Baldness Myths Debunked

Baldness Myths Debunked


Hair loss has always been a factor for humans, however the myths around it have evolved significantly over the centuries. All sorts of old wives tales have sprung up and throughout history there has been numerous different alleged reasons for hair loss. The truth is that the vast majority of these are fiction and there is absolutely no grounding behind them at all. Hair loss occurs for a limited number of scientifically proven reasons – these are fact. That said, it doesn’t mean that the non-reasons still don’t perpetuate and that many people still don’t fail to believe them. So, let’s take a look at some of the truths and myths behind balding.

Hats cause hair loss

The idea that hats cause hair loss is an old one and one that has its roots in the fact that many men start wearing hats when they begin to go bald and then continue to lose their hair. This results in the hat looking like it is the cause of the hair loss, while in fact the hair loss has already started before the hat wear has started. There is only one way a hat could cause hair loss and that would be if it were too tight for your head and was cutting off the blood circulation. Needless to say that this would result in far more serious problems than hair loss.

Hair dryers

Hair dryers aren’t great for hair, that’s not something that we need to mention as it’s well established. However, they don’t cause hair loss. Hair dryers certainly weaken hair and can impact on the quality of the hair itself. However, they don’t do anything to the follicle and only really cause issues for the shaft itself. In most cases this can be treated easily.

Hair loss comes from the mother’s side

The idea that hair loss comes from your mother’s side of the family is a very common one and even though hair loss is hereditary, it doesn’t seem like there is any proof to suggest that hair loss comes from your X chromosones. Hair loss is known as polygenetic and this means that the process is decided by a whole range of different genes and not merely your female lineage. However, if hair loss does run in your family then you are more likely to have it.

Testosterone is higher in men that lose hair

Can you tell the size of a man’s socks by looking at his feet? Hair loss symptoms being something that’s limited to men with high testosterone is a myth. Hair loss is caused by greater sensitivity to a chemical known as DHT. So, rather than increased levels of testosterone, it’s more a case of DHT causing hair follicles, which are genetically susceptible to hair loss, to shrink and fall out. If testosterone was a factor then hair loss would occur all over the body.

Blocked pores

Blocked pores cause acne, they don’t cause baldness. If it were that simple, rigorous cleaning would prevent hair loss and ensure people had a thick head of hair.

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