6 reasons to go bald now!


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6 reasons to go bald now!

Ever been in that situation when you are sitting in front of a mirror with your hairdresser looking over your shoulder and he/she is eager to try something new and exciting and you…well…haven’t quite got that confidence to take that leap? You end up leaving the shop with that same old, same old feeling depressed, stuck in a rut and and regretful.

Well now’s the time to take that leap of faith.

For one style particularly we can give you good six good reasons why you will be leaving your hair stylist feeling on top of the world, feeling like you look fantastic, and with a whole boost to your self-esteem. We are talking about the whole new fashion cult of going shaven. At Skalp® we can boost that hairstyle even further. It really is in for guys at the moment, but for many it can seem quite a drastic step. For those of you out there who need that extra push here are 6 reasons to go for it:

  1. Get in step with fashion

It has really become a real fashion statement over the last 5 years. Modelled by our favourite celebrities it is no longer just a style intended for the school of “hard-knocks”. With icons such as Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Seal and Jason Statham it reflects individuality, personality and strength.

  1. Women find bald men sexy.

The proof is out there. Take a look at allwomenstalk.com and you will find that there is a feeling it adds a deeper manly appearance – you will instantly look more manly and have more confidence -the fundamentals of sexy.

  1. You will look younger

As men age they are faced with two problems as far as their hair is concerned: Thinning hair and grey hair. For some men this can happen at any age. Thinning hair even with today’s potions and surgical innovations are either hokum or too expensive, so the likelihood it is going to happen anyway. By going bald you cut to the chase – take off years and find a whole new life.

  1. Fast and easy presentation

Once you have a bald hairstyle you will be reducing the time it takes to get ready (no need to style your hair anymore) and no need to keep on checking it and making sure it’s in place. Looking good is a doddle.

  1. Drop the comb-over

Once your hair starts to fall out you can spend endless hours rearranging it so it actually looks like a full head of hair. This ranges from the naff comb-over, to coloured dye, drugs and hair transplants. Now is the time to accept the inevitable

  1. Renewed confidence and self-esteem

Many guys with a new shaven head look remark about their new confidence and self-esteem – how they feel younger and the fact that they are able to join in social stuff they may have shied away from before. This is largely because guys suffering from hair loss tend to feel bad about their appearance and in hiding it are not accepting themselves as they are. See our testimonials

Skalp® offers an innovative way of dealing with thinning hair. Not only can you benefit from all the points above but you can still look as if you are not losing your hair at all.


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