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There was a fabulous article in refinery29 this week that clearly showed that for women a henna Tattoo can be a great way to enhance baldness. Fashion for women is such now that there are many acceptable ways to compliment the appearance of a bald head.

Times have certainly changed! In the 18th nineteenth and even up to the late 20th century the idea of a bald woman being in any way beautiful was far from acceptable. Females in the Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian times would use massive wigs to hide any suspicion of hair loss. Now since society has welcomed the liberation of the fairer sex women are able to wear the fashions which celebrate and reflect their true identities. At the same time the perception of a bald head has changed. It is no longer either a symbol of criminality or waywardness, masculinity or aggression.

There are very few factors in fashion nowadays that cannot be used by both genders because fashion intrinsically not just to make a group statement most importantly a reflection of the individual ego. Henna itself has been around for thousands of years. The name “Henna” is used for the dye as well as the art of tattooing. Earliest reports go back to the Egyptians. It is very popular in India where it is considered as having “Barakah” – blessings which bring joy luck and beauty. In this way brides created complex patterns to attract the joy and luck of the gods.

In the same way many women may not have an option as to whether they go bald or not. Hereditary illnesses or the after effects of Chemotherapy can lead to a total loss of hair. At Skalp we are pleased to see this method of enhancing beauty being celebrated. It clearly mirrors our own techniques in Micro Pigmentation in combating hair loss and at the same time creating stunning fashion.

Henna has been often used as a way to dye the hair itself but Henna Heals is an organisation that uses the Henna tattooing techniques to help women regain confidence and a sense of beauty and dignity again after they have lost their hair. The majority of the women they apply the technique to are women who have suffered both cancer and the after effects of chemotherapy.

Skalp micro pigmentation works in the same way using traditional methods associated with tattoing. It has many benefits including:


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