Beware! The truth about dry shampoo

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Beware! The truth about dry shampoo

For the majority of us, shampoo is just shampoo. There is no need to go to any great length in pondering over what is right or wrong for your locks – you have pretty normal hair, no split ends, no dandruff, no grease – so no big deal. Those people with dry hair are lucky in that, like people with greasy hair, they can buy shampoos especially made for their specialist hair needs. But are dry shampoos as safe as everyone makes out? Are they doing the job that a normal shampoo would do?

Apparently, according to a Today Style website, you need to be very careful how you use dry shampoo. This is what the experts found.

Dry shampoo does not act like a normal hair cleanser

A normal everyday shampoo is structured so that it can easily remove dirt and debris from the scalp. This includes scalp oil, skin particles and environmental pollutants. However, a dry shampoo does not act in the same way. It adds a formulation of dry powder to absorb oil. In other words, it is not really designed to be a shampoo in the usual sense of the word and even though your hair may seem cleaner after you have washed it, the chances are the dirt and debris has not been removed.

Could it contribute to hair loss?

The short answer to that is yes in some cases – but do not take it for granted that if you find your hair is thinning and you are also using dry shampoo – it necessarily means it has caused it. However, if you are uncertain about the cause of hair loss, it would be a good idea to check it with your GP. Ingredients from specific shampoos can cause contact dermatitis. Using dry shampoo instead of thoroughly washing the scalp can cause a build-up of dirt, possible inflammation and hair loss. This is more about why keeping the scalp clean contributes to healthy hair.

A word from the experts

In the article on Today Style, hair transplant expert Dr Nicole Rogers says that dry hair is great for bringing new life, volume and vitality to dry hair. But be careful don’t use it in excess. After three uses remember to also use a good universal shampoo before using the dry shampoo again.

By Nick Cassells

Resident writer and researcher at Skalp®

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