Guest blog by Spex – Losing Your Identity Due to Hair loss


Guest blog by Spex – Losing Your Identity Due to Hair loss



Hair loss can be incredibly emotional as it isolates you and makes you go deep within yourself. You feel alienated from your friends and family as you feel violated and isolated, unable to openly discuss what’s happening to you. Suddenly your trapped in your own dark world. Unless you are a hair loss sufferer it’s impossible to understand or relate.

As a sufferer you feel a loss of identity and self-image when you start to realize your losing your hair and it truly can be devastating. Your loss in confidence and self-esteem are something that you feel truly confused and anxious about along with the lack of control surrounding your hair loss only amplifies your fear.

What you are feeling however is normal, you are not as alone as you initially think. It doesn’t matter what stage of hair loss you are at, it’s all relative to you and can make you feel very anxious, downtrodden and alone. The mix of emotions is a process and one I can endeavor to help you understand and get past smoothly.

It is important you understand that very few treatments actually work for hair loss, despite all the products out there. There are in fact only 2 legitimate appropriate proven treatments in my opinion that are well established and proven – Minoxidil and Finasteride.

It’s common to initially go into denial over you hair loss, however you need to wise up and act fast. It might sound harsh; but really it’s the best advice I can give you. Because we have already lost 50% of our hair BEFORE we even notice we are a sufferer.

We initially panic, jumping at ANY product that we feel can save us and solve this problem. The industry is built on deception and designed to capitalise on your vulnerable state and they will attempt to tell you exactly what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear.

Here is some basic information for you to start building an understanding on hair loss, the reasons behind it and how best prevent it, fast and effectively.

Treating your hair loss appropriately with proven FDA medication might enable you to avoid hair restoration surgery altogether depending on your own goal.

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the most common reason we loose our hair. It is an active metabolite of the testosterone hormone that is formed in the adrenal gland, hair follicles, prostate glands and testes. DHT is a naturally occurring hormone, but in genetically predisposed people, DHT can bind to the hair follicle and cause hair loss by deteriorating the follicle. Once the follicle is damaged too much, it cannot repair itself and ultimately dies, unable to produce further hair.

Understanding the role of the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in Male Pattern Baldness is an important step to finding the right treatment for you. Products that prevent those hormones are often called DHT Blockers.

Hair loss: Lets start with a few facts!

 Firstly, I can’t stress enough, there is no miracle cure or quick fix. Getting educated with accurate information will save you, time, energy, and money!

 Hair loss effects many men and women and its important you understand its not about vanity, its about self esteem and confidence being stripped from you. It’s devastating!

 The hair loss industry preys on that vulnerability and tries to sell you what
you want to hear, not what you need to hear! This can lead you to make hasty decisions due to your insecurity and vulnerability, which can often cause more harm than good.

 However, empowered with information you can fight this. There are treatments to help fight the cause, DHT.

 DHT causes hair follicles to shrink and die

 MPB is hereditary, however it’s a genetic lottery. 

 You’re not alone, as there are millions experiencing the same feelings as yourself. No one should have self esteem and confidence stripped from them, so it’s vital you get informed and hair loss to prevent making many classic mistakes.

 Hair loss generally occurs in stages, hopefully you are only at the start so with accurate info you can treat it and stop it fast, before it progresses further.

 Prevention is key, as hair loss is progressive, it will only get worse if not addressed and stopped.

 The most effective way and proven way to address hair loss is via appropriate treatments. There are numerous bogus treatments out there. Be careful!

 Only 2 proven medications that effectively stop and in many cases re-grow hair.

The 2 effective proven ways to address and attack your MPB (male pattern baldness) are via Proven Hair Loss treatments

The work well together and combined have a synergistic affect giving you your best potential chance at beating the dreaded curse which is hair loss.


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