Women and hair loss in their twenties

Hair loss is no longer just an issue for men. More and more we are hearing about how women are faced with the ever increasing problem of thinning hair at an increasingly earlier life. In fact, according to a survey by IANS in the Business Standard hair loss, along with dandruff and split ends is the one of the greatest hair problems for women in their twenties

Woman with hair loss

A question of lifestyle

Kapil Dua, co-founder and chief hair transplant surgeon at Delhi-based AK Clinics explained that the problem to a large degree was triggered by the type lifestyle led by women in this stage of their life. Young females just past their teens want to look their best and stay in shape and so they are likely to be dieting. Unfortunately those diets are not always well managed and in consequence the body may not receive the fundamental nutrients it needs to boost hair growth and repair hair dysfunction. Crash dieting, she said can be a main cause for hair loss problems.

She said “Crash dieting causes nutritional deficiencies like magnesium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D3. People on diet should get their blood investigation done and consume proper nutritional supplements”.

Woman with hair loss

Stress has increased for the young woman in the 21st century

It’s also quite clear that young women’s lives tend to be much more stressful in the 21st century. Unlike the 1950’s and 1940’s women were not necessarily expected to go out to work. Their primary role was to bring up the children and look after the home. I am not saying this is an easy option (quite the contrary – that job alone would have me pulling my hair out!) but nowadays they are expected to do two roles at the same time. Follow a successful career and look after the children and the home. And in order to get there you need a good education and pass grades. This all causes heightened stress and stress is a well-known trigger for hair loss.

Fashions may cause problems

Another factor which may trigger hair loss in young women is the fact that young women are more likely to wear their hair in different trendy styles and some of those styles (such as wearing dreadlocks and pony tails) can be stressful on the scalp and the hair follicles causing hair to fall out.

hair with heavy braiding

The good news is these hair loss problems can be dealt with by making a healthy balance in your lifestyle. If you aware your hair is suffering more than usual take a second look at your diet, confront unhealthy stress and do not keep your hair up in tight positions for long periods.

As always confronting the problem will bring a solution.

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