Coffee vs Hair loss

Does coffee cause hair loss?

Coffee has always had that nuance of street credibility. Next to alcohol it’s the fashionable drink that speaks of relaxation and time-out, as well as having that ambience of a tough living, hardworking gritty lifestyle. Just as much as out hard-bitten fictional private detectives would be almost naked without their mug of coffee, head-aches and long hours, the coffee house on the street in the UK is now almost popular as the local pub. However, a German Scientist is suggesting that coffee can help halt hair loss. No wonder private detectives always have such a bouncy head of hair!

Let’s put our cynicism aside a second – there maybe something here.

Dr Adolph Klenk stated his theory at the 2nd International Conference of the Dr Wolf Group in Cape Town in South Africa. Let’s make this quite clear he is not suggesting drinking coffee alone will combat hair loss but using caffeine in various forms and products may beat it. In fact, he stated you would have to drink 40 or 50 cups of coffee a day in order to get the same effects as the products he has designed.

You can just imagine that – you may well have a luscious head of hair but you would never get a wink of sleep at night. You would be walking around like a zombie all day!

So how does caffeine aid hair growth?

Dr Klenk has done some very impressive research into the whole theory including a study at the Institute for Dermatology at Germany’s Lubeck University. He has found that it is more than just caffeine alone but a group of elements which is included in the caffeine complex such as Niacin, and zinc which are all known to be great nutrients for hair growth and repair.

So Dr Klenk is looking at providing a product that includes those major nutrients within their compounds. Interestingly his products do not include testosterone. In fact he says that his experiments have found that caffeine modulates the negative effect of testosterone on the hair roots.

For this reason Dr Klenk has stated that it can combat hereditary hair loss where testosterone attacks hair follicles.

What products will be available?

There is a range of products all of which are applied topically. His best-selling product is a caffeine based shampoo. This is of course only applied for the period of time while you are washing your hair. He has also developed a leave-on treatment as well where the product is left on the hair for long periods.

Dr Klenk stated in a radio interview that if it does work it is not something that is going to take place overnight and whereas it needs to be tested over a three month period it could take years before any lasting effect is seen. Rather than a cure for baldness he sees it as a prerequisite for keeping your hair as long as possible.

Coffee cup with beans

So there you go, another miracle tonic hits the headlines. Could this be a really powerful product? Maybe. In the meantime take a good hard look at Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment which looks at hair loss from a completely new angle. One thing is for certain, here at Skalp®  we have the videos from our clients to show it not only works but it changes lives. Click here to learn more

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