8 reasons why bald men are more attractive to women


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For most men the idea of thinning hair can bring about feelings of depression, loss, a sense of being less attractive and a blow to the self-esteem and confidence. The first signs of locks in the plug-hole or hairs on the pillow can bring about an air of despondency which is immediately followed by a feeling of inadequacy.


Have we got good news for you!


Recent surveys quite clearly show the traditional idea that a bald man is less attractive than a guy with a full head of hair is way out of place. How times have changed!


Hold it though – we have to make sure we are on the same page here…


We are not talking about guys with thinning hair here. The point here is there is a huge difference between thinning hair and a bald head. The bald head continues to give the appearance of a man who is losing something and aging fast.


A bald man, or a guy a with a shaven head looks trendy, sexy and fashionable


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So where’s the evidence for the attractive bald man?


Well, the fact is most of the mystery is answered inside a women’s head. A place where most men would not dare to tread–let alone understand. But a trendy new site which is meant for women to air their opinions ( allwomenstalk.com ) has come up with 8 reasons why bald guys are more sexy than the rest of the crowd.


Women like to see a clean tidy guy

Most women it seems are moved by a man who is well-presented and clean, and the great thing about a bald head is it never gets untidy! No bed-head hair and no sweaty ugly locks after a Sunday morning playing football!


High testosterone

Well, there is scientific evidence in the public domain that clearly suggests high levels of testosterone leads to hair loss. Women are hard–wired to pick up those signals of attraction.


Welcome back to the masculine man

The article focuses on the fact that most men in action movies are bald (think Jason Statham, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis) and it’s their lack of hair which symbolises a virile, vital and strong appearance.


Makes a man look mature and wise

When we look at a bald man, whether they have shaved for fashion reasons or because their hair is thinning we tend to reflect on the latter. So a man whatever age, sub-consciously tends to appear worldly wise and mature.


No fussy preening!

Most women it seems want their men to take an interest in presentation but it also appears there is a limit – and those men who are hung up on their looks, forever combing their hair, and checking their hair in the nearest mirror can be a big turn off.


Pay more attention to other assets

This was a really intriguing point. It seems that one view is big hair can detract from all the other assets a man has. Women are drawn to extrovert personalities and the feeling here is, with a bald men you are immediately drawn to a smile, a facial expression, a physique or simply how a man holds himself.


Boundless confidence

The theory here is bald men are more confident and women find confident men very sexy. This makes sense. Instead of disguising what they see as a great problem they are in fact flaunting what is a great asset! Now that can’t be bad!


A man who accepts change

Baldness is not only a fashion statement; it is also a reflection of a man’s personality. It suggests they have the admirable ability to accept change and make the most of it instead of trying vain ideas like hair dye and toupees.


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