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When men come to us at Skalp they are most often looking for a solution to their premature hair loss that will look natural and that will be the best solution for hair restoration they can achieve, without hair transplant. Many of them will have tried a lot of different remedies and hair loss cures and many of them will never have confessed how devastating they find their hair loss, to anyone else. It is more common for a guy laugh it off, going for the idea that if you laugh at yourself, before anyone else has the chance to tease you about being bald, it is less painful.

The Natural Solution and Different Strokes for Different Folks!

What we do hear all the time is that men want a solution that looks natural. Male pattern baldness is not uncommon but getting a great and natural looking result from treatment can be elusive. When men come to us, 99% of older guys will ask us for a very soft and subtle look. In actual fact deciding the shape and the style of your scalp micro pigmentation treatment is the very vital first step. Great care should always be taken to ensure that the scalp micro pigmentation is applied to give a totally natural look. Get it wrong and it can draw more attention to your premature hair loss and the steps you have taken to address it, than the original hair loss did! At Skalp it is never ever a case of ‘one size fits all.’

Planning Makes Perfect

Once men have explored all options and come to the conclusion that scalp micro pigmentation will be the best solution for them, the work begins. It should never be a case of just turning up for treatment. A lot of planning should go into the style so that it suits the client, and with computer graphics we can show just what the end result will look like.

Some guys like go for the straighter, fuller more defined look. Young guys in particular tend to go for a ‘younger’ style with a straighter or darker look. Those in the professions like solicitors, doctors, bank managers and other professionals tend to go for more bespoke style that accommodates their particular idea of the look they want.

An End Result to be Proud Of

Whatever the end result,  the beginning of your Skalp hair restoration journey will always be the same. At your free consultation, a detailed examination of your hair and the areas of hair loss will take place and then a precise mapping and planning of how exactly you want your new hairline to be designed. You can request a free consultation here. Oh and that end result? We predict that like the many clients we have treated, you will be delighted!

In the meantime, do you need help with a hair loss problem…?

At Skalp, we understand the important role hair plays in an individual’s overall appearance. Even more important, how you feel about your appearance makes an even bigger difference and affects your self-confidence. When we help clients find a solution to their hair loss problems, we know we are not just fixing a hair problem. We are helping clients repair self-esteem and assisting them to get life back on track the way they envision. If you have questions or would like to find out if you are a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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