What You Do In The Gym Could Seriously Affect Your Hair Loss

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How The Gym Affects Your Hair Loss

Do you prefer cardio machines like the treadmill and the cross-trainer at the gym or do you prefer to use the weights? Do you prefer to quench your thirst with cold water or do you use energy drinks? Your choice could, in fact, be making a difference to how fast you are losing your hair according to hair transplant consultant Dr Thomy Khouremada-Zioga when interviewed by the Daily Star online.


Do you suffer from hair loss already?

Dr Thomy stated that the type of exercises an individual does in the gym and the drinks he takes either to quench his thirst or bolster his muscle further could have an effect on hair loss. However, he made it clear that you would need to be pre-disposed to hair loss in the first place. In other words, if you suffered from the hereditary condition of male pattern baldness (MPB) then it would be worth considering your overall activities.


Protein drinks

Protein drinks have become a very popular method for increasing bulk and muscle mass. Unfortunately the ingredients which trigger the muscle building effect are also likely to promote hair loss. This is because these drinks more than often include ingredients such as Creatine and DHEA which increases testosterone levels in the bloodstream.


Individuals who have MPB inherit hair follicles which are sensitive to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone which is a derivative of testosterone. Clearly when the level of testosterone increases so will its derivative. The latter shrinks the hair follicles leading to finer hair until hair growth stops altogether.


Dr Thomy advises gym users should check ingredients on protein shakes if they have to use them, but where possible to replace them with a good diet that includes lots of protein (eggs, meat, fish etc.)


Weights vs cardio

In the same way, testosterone levels are increased by weight lifting. For a balanced gym experience, it is likely you will need to do some exercises using weights but excess weight-lifting could create a very high level of testosterone in the blood. Dr Thomy, therefore, advises that where possible, balance exercises so more time is spent on the cardio machines such as the treadmill, the cross-trainer and the bike. These latter types of exercise actually reduce the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream.


Unsure about the reasons why you are losing hair? Then now is a good time to check out the reason behind the condition. How you live your life could affect how your hair recedes. It is  always best to consult a doctor to check the reasons for your gym hair loss.


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