Is Hair Loss Hereditary?

Is your father’s hair thinning, does your grandfather have male patterned baldness?

Chances are at some point you will experience the same thing.
Male patterned baldness or Androgenic Alopecia is common amongst men ranging in age from as young as early teens to your twilight years and with studies suggesting over 80% of male patterned baldness results from your genetics, it is clear that it is very little you can do to stop the progression of hair loss.

For many years it was reported that your mother’s genes were to blame for hair loss but in recent years a father’s genes can also be the cause of thinning of the hair. The gene for male patterned baldness was earlier discovered on the female X chromosome which meant it could only be passed from mother to son but recent discoveries have shown one or more genes sitting in chromosome 20 that also contribute to hair thinning, which can mean this is passed from father to son. This gene can lead to men producing an excessive amount of a chemical known as DHT, this is a natural and harmless chemical normally made by the body but in these amounts can cause the hair to thin faster and fall out which in turn is not replaced by new hair.

Did your mother’s father show signs of baldness in his twenties? Is Hair Loss Hereditary?

If you are suffering from hair loss, hereditary or not. We have the solution for you.


Fear not, advances in technology mean you no longer have to suffer in silence, waiting for the inevitable

Ongoing research in this field is also giving insight into hair loss treatments before the signs of balding start. At present, there is a wide variety of hair loss solutions available including scalp micro-pigmentation to give men confidence and alleviate stress once the hair loss process has started.

Although male patterned baldness and hair loss are associated with each other, hair loss can be caused by a variety of external factors that are not connected to genetics. This type of hair loss can be temporary due to treatments for example chemotherapy or radiotherapy, hair thinning caused by iron deficiency or psychological factors such as trichotillomania which is caused by excessive hair pulling or bending due to anxiety and stress.

Hair loss or male patterned baldness is a chemical imbalance caused by genes and external factors and whilst discovering this information is a huge leap in helping to prevent and stalling hair loss, we are still quite some way to completely counteracting the process and the effects it has on self-esteem.

There are several effective hair loss treatments to help receding hair or crown balding that boost confidence and aid with the physiological factors that are connected with male patterned baldness. Every man is different and there are several elements when recognizing and approaching hair loss solutions. Male patterned baldness is a hereditary fact of life and there are many ways to make sure you feel at ease with the condition and not let it affect your everyday life. Here is Skalp we can offer a permanent solution to your hair loss.

Take a look at some of our before and after photos to see what we can do for your hereditary hair loss.

before and after photo

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