Is Hair Loss A Symptom Of COVID-19?

After lockdown started in the UK in March it has been a confusing and uncertain time for almost everyone.

Aside from uncertainty about our safety and jobs, there has been confusion over the way the coronavirus impacts our health. COVID-19 symptoms reveal themselves differently in everyone, which makes it difficult to know what is virus-related.

What are the common symptoms of COVID-19?

  • High temperature: Without measuring your temperature you feel hot to touch on your back or chest.
  • Continuous cough: A continuous dry cough involving at least 3 episodes within a 24-hour period, or coughing a lot within an hour. If you already have a cough, this symptom could make it feel and sound worse.
  • Loss/change to taste or smell: This symptom will affect your ability to taste or smell, either removing the senses completely or reducing their impact.

These are the official symptoms as prescribed by the NHS. However, you could also experience milder symptoms such as fatigue, stomach ache and muscle pain.

hair loss COVID-19

Is hair loss an official symptom of COVID-19?

Hair loss is not part of the official list of common symptoms. Yet, many people experiencing hair loss are concerned COVID-19 could be the root cause.

In the US there has been a rise in dermatology appointments from people worried about seeing sudden loss of hair. However, experts say this is a result of higher stress levels caused by the presence of coronavirus, rather than a symptom of infection.

If you have experienced hair loss during the past 5 months, increased stress may have made existing conditions worse. It is also impacting those who are dealing with side effects of stress for the first time.

Many people also go through a process called ‘seasonal shredding’. This takes place between March and May and sometimes at other periods of the year.

So at this stage if you are experiencing hair loss it is far more likely it is a side effect of ongoing stress or seasonal shredding, rather than the coronavirus.

How to deal with hair loss during COVID-19

If you have lost hair over the past few months due to stress try not to panic. There is every chance it will regrow once your anxiety levels return to normal.

During this period it is important to focus on your mental health and general wellbeing. Eating and sleeping well plays an essential role, as well as finding ways to manage your stress and concerns.

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