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It is true that in the same way that a tree will thrive in good earth, so healthy hair will grow more prolifically on a well-cared for healthy scalp. We have talked often on this blog about numerous techniques and products to enhance the body, life and growth of your hair it is also important that you pay attention to keeping your scalp “in the pink!”

Hair cannot be called a biological system. It is basically a protein with no nervous system or blood supply. On the other hand, your scalp has these attributes and there is room there to offer good and bad treatment which could well determine whether you have cool shining locks in the future or a problem of hair loss.

Wash daily

This may sounds obvious. Most of us wash our hair on a daily basis but this is about changing the onus here. You are not just washing your hair – you are also paying attention to the cleanliness of your scalp. Many people also just go through the process of wetting hair – adding something which resembles soap, rubbing it around a bit and then rinsing. This should be about cleansing your hair and scalp.

First of all ensure you are using a gentle shampoo. Spend at least two minutes working the poo into your hair and scalp. If you give this kind of intense clean, there is no need for a rinse and second wash. Massage the shampoo gently into the scalp. All of this helps to minimise pore clogging and scalp diseases.

Proper washing – proper drying!

Just as you need to start putting a little more time and effort into washing your hair – not just going through the motions – you also need to pay attention as to how you dry your hair and scalp. In the same way that hot water can lead to a dry scalp (lukewarm water is best) excessive blow drying can cause a dry scalp and strip essential oils from the skin. So moderate and use the gentle touch!

Massage is not just for when washing

There are many reasons why you should massage your scalp. The first one is it is relaxing and it feels great – especially when facilitated by your partner! When done once a week it promotes good blood supply to the scalp, helps keep the scalp flexible and relaxes muscles. Place the fingers under the hair and massage the scalp with fingertips using a circular motion for three or four minutes.

Exfoliate weekly

Exfoliating again cleans the pores, allows the skin to breathe and removes dead skin and dirt from the scalp. An exfoliating scrub usually used for the face is excellent for this.

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