Homage to the greatest bald villain of them all!


Who is the greatest bald villain of all?


We love our bald villains just as much as we love our bald heroes – if not more so sometimes. Whereas Kojak, Dr Xavier from X men, and John Luc Picard are timeless idols, the likes of Freddie Krugger, Darth Maul and Voldemort never fail to chill us to the bone. And we love it!

Top villain

So who is out there at the top of the list? It isn’t an easy decision as many will go in and out of fashion. But there is one guy who never seems to go away. He is the arch enemy of the greatest super-heroes of all time and he is as despicable now as he was when he first appeared in the Action comics way back in the thirties. We think the prize has to go to the total anti-super hero Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor is everything that superman is not. Rather than harnessing his huge intellect for good he is morally depraved and uses his genius to seize power for himself and continually remains a threat to the general public at large.

Superman’s greatest enemy

He has been Superman’s greatest enemy since the stories of the great comic book character began way back in the 1930’s and overtime his character has morphed with the change in the times. For instance, originally he was portrayed as a Machiavellian industrialist but in recent times and especially in the latest Hollywood films, he is seen as a scientist and the former chairman of one of the most powerful high -tech conglomerates in the world – LexCorp. Very 21st century!

Talking of Hollywood, only the really high profile actors have been able to play the guy really well. From Gene Hackman (though we have to admit he did have a serious amount of hair at first!) in Superman, Superman 11 and Superman 1V to Kevin Spacey in Superman returns.

How did he first become bald?

From the early Action comics his animated appearance has changed almost beyond recognition – except for one crowning factor of course – his baldness. It was in “Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman” that an idea was first put forward as to how he first lost his hair. At the end of season 1 of the series’ first shown in 1988, he committed suicide when his evil nature was exposed. A scientist froze his body and then brought him back to life. A side effect of the whole process was he lost his hair.

And here’s the good news!

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