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how to get a healthy scalp - Scalp care


It’s nice to know there are many articles around expounding wonderful techniques for taking care of your hair – and most of them are really spot on. However, we have found here at Skalp™ that there is always one vital element that is almost always forgotten – the scalp. How does no-one mention the importance of a healthy scalp? (as experts in this area of the body you can imagine we find difficulty in not bringing your attention to it!)


If you want to enhance development of anything, whether the issue is medical or not, you need to get to the root of the problem. You can solely treat the symptoms but that will not prevent the issue re-occurring. So let’s take a look at where all those follicles are coming from because if we take better care of the scalp, then to a certain extent, the hair is going to be strong enough to look after itself.


Here are our six top tips for maintaining a healthy scalp:


1. Check your scalp’s condition?


A dry flaky scalp is the first symptom that suggests your skin is crying out for some extra supplements. Omega 3 and fish oils are great for adding that nutrition your body is looking for. Other useful supplements are silica, vitamins B, C, and E, and iron.


2. Consider Scalp Massages


A tip here for bald guys or men and women who are enjoying the results of the Micro Pigmentation treatment . The fact is that hair does have an evolutionary purpose. It protects the scalp from damage. So you need to put factors in place to make sure this vulnerable part of your body is protected. Massaging natural oils into your scalp on a regular basis with such oils as Lavender, jojoba and tea tree oil can increase blood irrigation and protects your skin and sebaceous glands from germs and bacteria.


3.  Take care of what you put on your scalp


If you are dying your hair you need to watch out that your scalp does not come in contact with unwanted chemicals which could burn the scalp or cause severe allergic reactions. Always check out with a skin patch test first before going ahead by rubbing the dye on a small covert place on your skin – if a rash appears after a few days you know you have a problem. Another factor to hold in mind is that having your hair dyed should not make your scalp “tingle”. If it does this is a sure warning that you have a dry scalp.


4. Use precautions to keep your scalp happy


When using hair relaxers (usually used for hair straightening) consider covering the scalp with petroleum jelly in order to reduce scalp irritation or burning.


5. Exfoliate your scalp


Exfoliation is always beneficial for the skin and the scalp is no exception. One suggestion is to add a few spoonful’s of sugar to your shampoo to get rid of dead skin cells. If there is a heavy build-up try using salicylic acid shampoo. Always use the pads of your fingers rather than your nails to scrub.


6.  Hydrate


Conditioners are good for hydrating the skin, so don’t forget to add a dose after your hair wash. Make sure your conditioner is noncomedegenic to allow you to use from roots to ends.


Are you suffering from hair loss or a receding hairline?

At Skalp, hair and the treatment of hair loss is our business. Scalp micro pigmentation is a non surgical treatment which can replicate and blend with any existing hair to give the look of a full head of shaved hair.

To learn more about Scalp Micro Pigmentation don’t hesitate to read about the treatment here, or contact us on our website here.




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