Is hair loss more of a problem for women in the 21st Century?


HaarausfallIn a world obsessed with presentation, hair loss reduction is all part and parcel of good hair care. There is no doubt that there are more products on the market to help women cope with hair loss. We are increasingly seeing marketing and informational pieces in the media concerned with, what appears to be a growing complaint. So are women having to deal more often with a problem that has traditionally has been a male issue?


Statistics show an increase in women looking for hair loss consultations

It was surgeon Alan Bauman who has a hair restoration clinic in the US who noticed that there was a significant increase in the amount of females who were looking for consultation. When interviewed by USA today this week he said that whereas in 1990 10% of his clients were women, now 50% are women. He is not alone in his findings. Joseph Greco, a hair loss specialist based in Florida USA stated that the increase has gone from 25% to 60% in the last decade.

Many of the environmental reasons for hair loss are experienced by both genders. For instance, good food is essential for healthy hair. So in a world where we all tend to eat trashy food the majority of the time – could this be a cause? Stress is also a cause of hair loss and it is an accepted fact that women are now more involved in the world of work and especially executive roles. Is this increased stress having a detrimental effect on female hair care? Also, women’s more extreme hair styles such as cornrows, pony tails and dreadlocks can cause extreme pressure on hair follicles.


Is all of this enough to explain why women are looking for?

No not really. The above are more incidental than primary reasons why hair loss still strikes men much more often and much more devastatingly. Male pattern baldness and all the testosterone issues which go with it will always lead men to balding pates whereas women tend to be dealing with bald spots except where illness is concerned.


Why the change?

The reason for the change is twofold. Firstly, we are all living longer and therefore perceive age in a different way. Twenty years ago, a woman who was fifty years old, may well have been considered old and less active physically and socially – now fifty is considered young and almost the prime of life. Therefore, loss of hair at this time of life needs more attention for health and presentation.

Secondly, medical treatments are a great deal better now. Science is much more aware of how you can care for your hair and offers treatments and solutions to deal with it. This is then reflected in the media and retail. In the same way scientific research is much more aware of gender-specific reasons as to why when females are more likely to be susceptible to hair loss. This includes pregnancy (women are likely to see temporary hair loss), iron deficiency and certain drugs which target associated illnesses such as cancer.


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