Scalp Micropigmentation – Why the Cheapest isn’t always a Bargain


Antonio with clientLow self-esteem and a lack of confidence are some of the most common problems of hair loss and we often meet clients with such problems.

Scalp micropigmentation changes the way people perceive themselves and how they feel. For many it gives them back the confidence that they were so lacking after they lost their hair.

Not All Created Equal

Skalp is the UK’s premium micro pigmentation specialist and as you can see from our testimonials and client stories, we provide the very highest quality and standards of micropigmentation treatment. As you may already have read, our treatments are there for the long term and after we provide the treatment, we will inform you how to take care of and treat your new micro pigmented scalp.

However, not all micropigmentation companies are the same and there can be a disparity between the longevity and dare we say the quality of the finished effort, as well as the longevity of the particular effort.

If you get a scalp micropigmentation price and see that it’s surprisingly low in price, then our advice is to be wary.

The Treatment

Every business needs to make a profit to continue, however there are certain costs with scalp micropigmentation that need to be met to ensure the job is done properly. Needless to say this impacts on the price of the treatment. We offer a high quality treatment at a fair price.

However, it’s well worth being cautious and doing your research first, particularly if you get a low cost scalp micropigmentation business that is dramatically under cutting the well-founded players price. These companies may be offering one off deals to try and get customers in. However, what often results is a subpar effort that doesn’t meet the standard the customer expects.

Scalp micropigmentation is a highly successful technique that provides the illusion that an individual has just shaved their hair. It creates the impression that a person has a thick head of hair that they decided to shave and is an extremely impressive treatment if we may say so ourselves.

Price of Scalp Micropigmentation

There is a lot that goes towards making up the price of a scalp micropigmentation treatment and this justifies the price. From the technical procedure, to the design and the aftercare – a quality scalp micropigmentation treatment is designed to last a life time. Businesses such as ours, Skalp, use the highest quality technicians and equipment to offer the highest quality service to our patients. This requires a cost and means that SMP is never cheap.

If you come across an offer that provides scalp micropigmentation for a lot less than the asking price everywhere else then we would suggest that you should be wary.

A quality service offers the sorts of results that are very hard to detect and truly gives the appearance of a shaved head of hair. Lower costing, poorer quality options don’t tend to do this and can end up causing a lot of problems for the patient, and may make the individual even more anxious as they also have to deal with a poorly created pattern.

To conclude, just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s a bargain. There are many factors to take account of and in the case of scalp micropigmentation paying more generally means a far better result. Going cut price could be the most expensive saving you ever made.

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