Some of the most bizarre hair loss treatments through history


Hippocrates (460–380 B.C.E.) Ancient Greek physician, traditionally regarded as the father of medicine. Sculpture isolated on black background

Here on the Skalp® blog, we like to think we are going to be there first in getting you all the latest information on anything to do with news about hair fashion. One of our perpetual themes is new approaches to hair loss and new treatments that are becoming available with advances in science. The problem is many of the supposed cures are treatments are far from having any foundation in science at all and in reality – rarely work. We have to thank Health 24for their research into the really weird treatments that have been thought up through history.


The earliest civilisation didn’t always get it right


First of all, let’s travel back 3,500 years and we find in an Egyptian Medical text that a mixture of the fat of a hippopotamus, a tomcat, a snake, an Ibex, and a crocodile was the trendy cure for thinning hair on any pharaoh’s head – second only to cow dung. These methods have died out for some reason…


Plan B’s not for me


Now the Greeks are an intelligent race so they should have come up with something cool. Hippocrates (who according to paintings of him had quite a magnificent balding pate prescribed a mixture of opium, horseradish, pigeon droppings (I see a worrying pattern here with animal feces), beetroot and spices, which apparently wasn’t very successful. Thank heavens his plan b didn’t work either. Having observed that eunuchs (castrated men) never went bald he suggested castration, but somehow that never caught on.


A cure offered out of true love…


When Julius Caesar’s hair became thin, his mistress Cleopatra recommended that he apply a concoction consisting of ground mice, horse teeth and bear grease. When this didn’t work, he started covering his head with a laurel wreath.


Off with his…hair…


Here we go again with anything that appears to come out of an animal’s bottom. But there again this is King Henry V111 here and he had women fainting at his feet so we here. Henry regularly smeared horse and dog urine over his bald pate. Takes all sorts.


Great for most rugs…


I have never really considered household appliances could treat my hair loss. But way back in 1936 in America, the Crosley Corporation introduced the Xervac, a suction machine that was supposed to use a vacuum to stimulate hair growth. Nope, it didn’t work and nope I don’t think anyone expected it to.


In more recent times in London Bull Semen Treatments have become popular in…well…certain quarters. Although not for the faint-hearted, applying bovine semen to your scalp is claimed to guarantee a thick, strong head of hair. It’s not so much the putting on my head that concerns me it’s extracting it from the bull…


Whatever you do guys…don’t ty any of the above at home even if you can get your hands on an Ibex.


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