Why the Shaved Look will Suit You


bald man rocking the shaved look


At one time a bald head was seen as a lack of virility, the whole Samson losing his hair and thus his strength scenario. Boy how times have changed! While the old toilet seat of hair around the sides and bald on top is still not a good look for anybody; a totally shaved head is viewed as sexy. Think of all the stars rocking the shaved look – and the attention they garner. There are many benefits of having a shaved head and the following are just a few of them:

Save a fortune on haircuts

Just think of all that money you will save on trips to the barbers, not to mention the time spent waiting in the queue. Once hair starts bursting forth from your follicles it’s simply a case of running a razor over it to return it to its sleek and smooth appearance.

Be ready and out of the door in minutes

You shower, you get ready, you go! No more standing in front of mirrors or trying to get your hair perfect with a multitude of hair products. A shaved head will free up more of your time than you ever imagined. It’s estimated that men spend around an hour a day on their hair, that’s an hour you’ve gained to spend in doing fun stuff.

You never have to worry about the wind wrecking your shaved look

We all know how it goes. You spend ages in front of the mirror tweaking and adjusting until your hairs perfect then you step out the door. One gust of wind and it looks worse than before you started. Wind just whistles across a bald head and you will be the one arriving at your destination looking pristine and not as if you have been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Viewed as ‘virile’

Bald is sexy; fact. Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, the list goes on. Women like their men to look like men and those extravagant hairstyles of just a few years ago are not right out of vogue. In short, no woman wants a fella whotakes longer to get ready than she does, something that will never happen when your a baldie.



Cool and comfortable

Once the sun starts to shine you will hear so many people complaining about not being able to do anything with their hair, or that it’s wet and stuck to the back of their neck. This is something you will never have to worry about. If you go on holiday there is no fear of the frizz fest caused by the humidity either. Just slap a high factor sun cream on your bonce and you’re good to go.

You will never have a bed head!

Women can look sexy with bed hair, men just look a mess. Flat at the back and on one side, sticking out at strange angles and vertical on top is never a good look. While others are running around trying to make themselves look halfway presentable you get an extra half hour in bed; score!


With Skalp® scalp micropigmentation, even if you have a completely bald head, you can still rock the shaved look! Scalp micro pigmentation uses natural pigments to restore your hairline and confidence. Like the example of before and after treatment below, the results achieve a youthful, cropped and attractive shaved look. Not only that, but you can completely design your hairline. We’re here to help you and are experts in our field – so please contact us.


bald man with scalp micro pigmentation looking attractive shaved look

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