5 Reasons You’ll Feel Better After Confronting Your Hair Loss


So, you’re confronting your hair loss, or rather perhaps you’re completely avoiding facing up to hair loss altogether, as many sufferers do. However in today’s world the hair loss landscape has changed considerably, and there are many reasons why you’ll feel better after finally confronting your hair loss.


confronting your hair loss


5 Positives Of Contronting Your Hair Loss


Because the realm of hair loss slowing products is becoming pretty varied

From caffeine based shampoos through to pharmaceutically developed and dispersed drugs, the realm of hair loss slowing products has really changed over the past few years. So if you’ve just started to lose your hair then accepting this and taking a look into your options now is really no big deal at all.


Because a bald or shaved head has many benefits

From being among good company with the likes of Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham through to shorter getting ready times it seems that being bald or shaved headed comes with many hidden benefits. And what’s more the whole idea of women not finding bald men attractive, or not as attractive as their full head of hair counterparts, is a complete and total myth (just ask any of the guys we’ve mentioned just here!).


Because stressing about hair loss is making you lose your hair

Given that stress has been found to be a definitive cause of hair loss (or at least the speed with which hair loss occurs) finally accepting hair loss and relaxing a little can go a long way to slowing the process down.


Because hair loss is something that may have become ever more intimidating over time

Hair loss generally tends to be an event that is dreaded for years, particularly if loss has been sustained and over a long period of time. However addressing final hair loss, whether it be through the shaving of your head, uptake of hair loss products or plumping for cosmetic treatment, really aren’t as intimidating as at first they seem. So take that first step to addressing your hair loss, and you’ll likely realise that there’s very little to fear.


Because hair loss treatments are far from what they used to be

Ineffective, expensive and even potentially misleading. These could be used to describe the hair loss treatment world of old. However today treatments have advanced and evolved, offering ever improving success rates and results.


What’s more with new options coming to the market, such as micro pigmentation as provided by Skalp (where the look of a shaved head are perfectly created through precision laser tattooing) clients can look forward to a future hair loss market that is more varied and more affordable than ever before.


Skalp are at the forefront of revolutionary hair loss treatments. They are changing hair loss options one successful client story at a time and if you want to explore all that they could do for you, just get in touch.


Skalp® have clinics around the world. We have clinics in New York, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Marbella, Milan and Amsterdam.

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