6 Top tips for your first head shave!


Adult man with shaving foam on his face is going to shave his head

Guys often suffer with the embarrassment of thinning hair and hair loss for a long time before they make that leap of faith and finally decide to shave it all off. A cool decision we believe. Never has there been a better time to be in fashion with a bare scalp than now and when you marry your new style with scalp micro pigmentation you will find you have successfully hidden your hair loss and made a huge fashion statement at the same time.

So let’s make sure that first step of shaving your head is as straight forward and as effective as possible. Here are some great tips for shaving your head for the first time:

  1. Consider when you are going to shave for the first time. Bear in mind that your hair will be blocking those ultra-violet rays from the sun. If you shave after a particularly hot day, it is likely you will be seen with an excessively white scalp and a tanned face. If you have decided to go ahead, it is a good idea to start using sun-block some time before you actually do the big shave. After all, you will be needing it afterwards as your head will be more vulnerable to the sun.
  2. Shave after you have had your shower. This will mean your hair is much softer and much more amenable for cutting. Because shaving is easier there is less chance of ending up with burns or small cuts.
  3. You are going to be covering your head in shaving foam or gel just as you would when you are shaving your chin. Make sure it is a good gel – a well-known brand which will be gentle for sensitive skin and reduce burns.
  4. The main issue with head shaving is most of the cutting is out of vision, so make sure the environment is set up for an easy shave before you start. You will need good bright lighting and mirrors set so you can view all areas of the back of your head.
  5. Always shave in the direction your hair grows – not against it. Going against this basic rule can lead to razor burns.
  6. A moisturiser to stop your scalp from getting dry is essential for the on-going care of your shaven scalp.

Skalp® Micro Pigmentation offers a great service for people struggling with hair loss or who just want to join the bald fashion trend and look their very best. Trained practitioners apply pigments to the scalp so it appears as if you have a full head of hair – but cut fashionably short.

Skalp® have clinics around the world. We have clinics in New York, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin, Marbella, Milan and Amsterdam.

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