Top Tips for caring for your bald head


Top Tips for caring for your bald head

The great thing about the shaven head look is you do not have to spend every other minute checking in the mirror to make sure it is still in place and looks ok. You don’t have to spend huge chunks of your well-earned wages every time it gets too long and needs help from your local hairdresser cum fashion police. You can knock huge amounts of time off getting ready in the morning or when you have a date because it doesn’t need styling and all the rest of that nonsense. You don’t have to keep changing it to stay in fashion.

Basically you do not have to do anything at all. It’s just there and it still looks super sexy!

The fact is you do need to care for your nude pate to ensure the hair follicles, your pate, scalp and hair growth remains healthy. But any care you do need is fast and easy and all done behind locked bathroom doors. It all starts with the shave.

With Skalp® Micro Pigmentation we shave your head (if you have not gone that far already) in order to apply the tattooed pigments which will replicate your hair follicles. If you are already bald and do not have any hair growth, care is a little bit easier. But after you have undergone Micro Pigmentation process your hair, where it has been thinning, will continue to grow so you will need to keep your head shaved to reflect your new look. This can be done quite easily and does not necessarily need a visit to the barber. All you need is a DIY hair shaver kit to keep any hair growth to the bear minimum. Simple. Once you get into the routine it should really take less than 5 minutes when it needs to be done.

So let’s look at that shave in detail.

  1. A good idea is to shave your head at the end of a warm shower. The effect this will have is to soften any hair growth, open the pores and wash the skin. During showering rub a soapy cloth against the grain of growth – this will help with shaving.
  1. Apply your favourite shaving cream and allow it to sit on the scalp for a minute to further soften the hair. Note that hair products which contain menthol will have the effect of closing the pores.
  1. Make sure you have a hand mirror to help you shave the back of your head and shave in a room with good lighting so you get a nice even shave. As we said above you can use a clipper, but when growth is small you can also use a sharp razor. Try to keep to a routine in how you shave. Gliding the razor gently down the sides and back and from back to front on top is recommended.
  1. Once you have finished rub you entire head in order to check for those missed spots If you cut yourself apply a moist alum block to prevent bleeding.
  1. Finish the shave with a splash of cold water to close the pores.
  1. Pat the head dry and apply a good aftershave balm.
  1. Before going out in the sun apply a sunscreen to prevent burning.


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