An Interview with Skalp® LA – Scalp Micropigmentation in Westminster

An Interview With Andreas At Skalp LA

Located on Westminster Boulevard in California is Skalp LA – another of our fantastic scalp micropigmentation (SMP) clinics that are available to help anyone dealing with hair loss. To give you more of an insight into the passionate people that work at Skalp, we sat down with Andreas, Head Practitioner at Skalp LA to discuss his background and the enjoyment he gets from providing the most advanced hair loss solution available today.

head of skalp LA

What inspired you to become an SMP practitioner?

Before I was a practitioner I actually started out as a client. I knew I wanted SMP and after a lot of research I decided on Skalp®.  I went all the way to London for my treatment and after seeing how much it changed me, I decided I wanted to be part of it. Skalp® help other people to increase their self-esteem and change their life. Only someone who has experienced baldness and has had SMP understands what it means.  When people say, just embrace your baldness they often make that comment as outsiders, not aware what it really means for someone experiencing it. Why would you be bald if you could have a shaved head look? I think no-one would choose to be bald. There is a difference between a bald and shaved head – a shaved head frames the face, makes you look younger – at least by 10 years, as clients tell me too.

When did you start to lose your hair?

I started losing hair in my twenties and made the mistake of opting for a hair transplant. The only thing I was left with were scars and no hair growth results. At the time I was told there nothing you can do to camouflage that… it was agonizing for many years. It wasn’t until I discovered SMP that I found a solution to my problem. I’d call it a life changing solution on so many levels, looks, comments, self-esteem, having no worries about people staring at a scar on my head, or having a shiny, bald head.

What is the most important part of your job?

Every treatment at Skalp LA is a personal journey with the client to achieve their personal goals. It takes listening, advising and building a personal relationship with someone who is going through what I went through. It is also an artistic skill of creating the most natural look possible that fits that individual – every head is different in their similarity. I have heard hundreds of times that not even with close up view people can tell the difference from real hair. Natural results are our pride.

scalp micropigmentation in westminster

What types of hair loss can scalp micropigmentation treat?

General male pattern baldness is the most common treatment we do, we see also a lot of clients with failed hair transplant, we can also create the look of fuller hair for thinning hair  – which is also a procedure a lot of women benefit from.  Alopecia is another situation we can help with.

What makes Skalp LA different from other scalp micropigmentation clinics?

Without doubt SKALP LA is part of the best company out there to offer SMP, Skalp® currently has 9 clinics on 3 continents and we are proud to be part of the best trained and most experienced master practitioners you can find. We have clients flying in to LA from all over the country because they want to receive the best treatment.

skalp team

What do you do when you’re not working?

I hit the gym to stay in shape and active, love going to concerts, performances, travel, reading. I discover new cultures to expand my horizon and learn new things.

Do you have any other passions?

I love all things artistic, visual art, design, theatre, music. I create visual art myself and see it as an extension of my work as an SMP artist.

What do you think other people should know about Skalp LA?

We provide a private, comfortable environment without pressure. All treatments are done by the same person, who has carried out hundreds of treatments.

At Skalp LA you will find a passionate team that will go the extra mile to create the best looking results you can find.

Can you tell me about a specific person who had SMP?

There are so many people I could name. A recent client had a bad hair transplant with a big half-moon scar on the back of his head, with the top of his head mostly bald still. He had been wearing a hat for over 20 years to avoid embarrassment and questions about the scar. After a lot of research he committed to a 6 hour drive each time to get the treatment done. Recently he sent me an email telling me that he took his hat off for the first time at a big family gathering at the holidays. All his friends commented how much younger and good he looked, they liked his full head of hair and said he should grow his hair out…

His wife told me she loves to look at him, and finds him more attractive than ever. It is the most satisfying part of my work to see that change happening. I hear stories like this all the time and can go home with a smile on my face knowing that I helped someone else to get a new look and outlook on his/her life.

What would you say to someone considering SMP at Skalp LA?

We want everyone to take the time to make a good decision, by doing their research and looking at other companies . If they do, we know that they will come to us. Price certainly is a consideration to some regard, and with that said, you will wear your SMP treatment for many years to come. We would put ourselves in the ‘Rolls Royce’ class which ensures value for money. “Why did I wait so long, I should have done it earlier,” is what I hear too often.

After clients see their new look – every day without SMP is a lost day of a new life experience.

skalp LA 5 star reviews

Like all of the practitioners working across our 9 clinics worldwide, Andreas’ own experiences with hair loss ensures he understands the concerns of our customers. They have also all used SMP, which means they are able to deal with any question you have about the service from both a professional and personal point of view.

To find out more about how Andreas and the Skalp LA team can help you, get in touch today on 323 400 3595, or email [email protected] to book in your free consultation.

We also offer free consultaitons at all of our clinics. Skalp® have clinics around the world. We have clinics in New York, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin.

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