The Top Eight Myths About Balding – The Bald Facts


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This post highlights some commonly held myths about balding. When you realise they are not entirely true you may be shocked! As time goes by, it’s not always easy to tell fact from fiction. So whether you are losing your hair, intrigued about going bald or just interested in hair loss facts, let’s begin!

Fact or Fake? Heres 8 common myths about balding


Myth 1

Too much shampooing causes baldness

We think this one started because it can be quite frightening when you are showering and washing your hair while watching your locks disappear down the plughole. But what you are seeing is the symptom of hair loss – not the cause. In other words it’s not the washing of your hair which is causing the problem your hair is falling out anyway.


Myth 2

Hats can cause baldness

A very popular myth about balding. Straight out of Hans Christian Anderson this one. There is no clinical or scientific evidence to suggest this is true. In many ways hats protect the scalp which has got to be a good thing for hair growth.


Myth 3

You can grow new hair follicles

Not even Alan Titchmarsh could pull this one off. The only way you can end up with a new set of hair follicles is if you have a hair transplant – hair follicles never rejuvenate themselves. Learn more about the hair follicles and phases of hair growth here.


Myth 4

Using tanning beds can cause baldness

This myth is simply not true. It is a fact that overuse of tanning products can cause skin cancers but it will not make your hair fall out.


Myth 5

Cutting hair leads to thicker hair

Nope, not true. We are not sure where this came from. I remember toying with this idea in puberty when chest hair was very much in fashion. Under the misguided impression that cutting it would encourage it to grow, I shaved my chest hair as often as I could. Thank heavens it didn’t work as now in the 21st century – bald is beautiful with chests as much as heads.


Myth 6

Excessive gel or hairspray causes balding

The big hair product companies can feel relieved that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that any everyday product such as this is going to cause hair loss.


Myth 7

You inherit balding from your mother

This goes back to when scientists were first playing around with DNA and it was found that there was an X chromosome that was specifically inherited from your mother’s father. However further studies have found a second gene was found which suggests we can inherit from either parent.


Myth 8

Balding happens when you get to middle age

Unfortunately this isn’t true. Male Pattern Baldness can start as early as teenage years and it is most prolific in men in their twenties and thirties.


middle aged man myths about balding

Only middle aged men experience balding is a myth! 40% of us experience hair loss by the age of 35!

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